Illuminating Paths to Health Equity

The path to progress is never walked alone. Committed to creating tangible change in the lives of people and communities Allcargo Group, India’s largest integrated logistics service provider’s CSR wing, Avashya Foundation has been working in the areas of Health, Education, Environment, Women Empowerment, Sports and Disaster Relief. Through well designed initiatives implemented with the help of a curated network of partner NGOs, so far over 4,00,000 individuals have been impacted.

Among the various initiatives that aim to improve the accessibility to healthcare, Drushti stands out in its commitment to shine light in the lives of community members. Drushti provides free ophthalmic check-ups and preventive care to underprivileged communities, underscoring Alllcargo Group’s dedication to enhancing community well-being and fostering inclusivity.

Partnering with the NGO Social Awareness Advocacy & Development Foundation (SAAD), Allcargo Terminals, Allcargo Supply Chain, and Transindia Real Estate, three prominent entities under the Allcargo Group umbrella, organized numerous eye check-up camps. These camps address vital health and social issues by ensuring essential medical services reach marginalized communities, where accessing regular healthcare remains a challenge.

Spreading Light

For many in these communities, basic eye care is a luxury. The Drushti programme seeks to bridge this gap by offering screenings, distributing spectacles, and facilitating cataract surgeries. By doing so, it not only prevents avoidable vision impairments but also promotes health equity among underprivileged populations.

Between January and March 2024, the impact of the Drushti programme was tangible:

Allcargo Supply Chain conducted 6 camps, screening 1130 individuals, distributing 755 spectacles, and facilitating 30 cataract surgeries.

Allcargo Terminals organized 8 camps, screening 1813 individuals, distributing 1140 spectacles, and facilitating 76 cataract surgeries.

Transindia Real Estate spearheaded 9 camps, screening 2189 individuals, and distributing spectacles.

These numbers represent more than just statistics; they symbolize lives touched and futures transformed. Each screening, spectacle distributed, and surgery performed is a testament to Allcargo Group’s unwavering dedication to improving public health and fostering inclusivity in society.

In essence, Allcargo Group’s Drushti programme epitomizes the spirit of corporate social responsibility, demonstrating that businesses can be a force for positive change in the world. As the programme continues to expand its reach and impact, it reaffirms Allcargo’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.