Crafting 3PL Excellence for Diverse Sectors

With businesses seeking to focus on their core competencies there is an increasing demand for excellent contract logistics and 3PL solutions that match international standards. Within India, Allcargo Supply Chain, the contract logistics wing of Allcargo Group – India’s largest integrated logistics services provider, has emerged as the top choice for businesses in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and e-commerce sectors.

With 69 warehousing locations and over 6.5 million square feet of built-up warehouse space, Allcargo Supply Chain’s facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities. These technological advancements streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure unparalleled service delivery across all sectors. The commitment to delivering excellent services is reflected in the staff’s expertise, internationally benchmarked safety standards, and ingenious solutions that are recognised through numerous awards from the industry and customers.

Bespoke solutions for different sectors

Chemical: Known as the leader in chemical 3PL solutions in India, Allcargo Supply Chain employs best practices and conducts regular safety audits to ensure secure storage, packing, documentation, and movement of hazardous and agrochemical goods. This meticulous approach guarantees that businesses benefit from utmost safety and compliance adherence throughout the supply chain.

Automotive and Spare Parts: For the automotive sector, which has one of the most sophisticated supply chains globally, and which prioritises speed and accuracy, Allcargo Supply Chain’s comprehensive set of services covers inbound logistics, spanning manufacturing and aftermarket needs. With safeguards integrated at every step, customers enjoy zero compromise on quality, whether it’s preparing, transporting, or importing vehicles in Completely Knocked Down (CKD) or Semi Knocked Down (SKD) units. Recognising their prowess, recently one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers chose Allcargo Supply Chain to provide a host of services.

Food: In the food sector, Allcargo Supply Chain’s intricate understanding of the supply chain complexities ensures that perishables are stored and delivered in optimum conditions. Temperature-controlled storage facilities adhere to international standards, guaranteeing freshness and quality preservation throughout the distribution process.

Pharmaceutical: With cutting edge breakthroughs in the field of medicine there is an increasing need for sophisticated and safe pharmaceutical supply chains. In response to this requirement, Allcargo Supply Chain’s temperature-controlled services powered by digital technology, ensures the safety and integrity of sensitive goods. As an ISO 13485 Certified entity, the highest standards of quality and compliance are maintained, providing pharmaceutical customers with peace of mind.

E-commerce: With e-commerce having revolutionised the retail shopping experience, the sector requires excellent inventory management and seamless order fulfilment. Leveraging AI, automation, API, and EDI, Allcargo Supply Chain ensures transparency of inventory and swift order processing, meeting the dynamic demands of the e-commerce landscape.

Fulfilling the vision for businesses in sectors as diverse as the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and e-commerce requires expertise, dedication, and a customer centric approach. It is this commitment that compels businesses to opt for Allcargo Supply Chain’s strategic insights and bespoke solutions to maximise gains, minimise costs, and build resilience in their supply chain.