A glimpse into ECU Worldwide Brazil’s Intermodal 2024 celebration!

Intermodal 2024 the largest and most comprehensive logistics, intralogistics, technology, cargo transport, and foreign trade event of the Americas took place on March 5 – 7, 2024. It brought together the who’s who of logistics in South America to discuss the latest developments and trends.

Giving an impetus to the conversation was the celebration organized by ECU Worldwide Brazil, where over 210 industry leaders, logistics enthusiasts, and curious minds converged to explore the future of intermodal logistics.

Amid the background of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, the ECU Brazil team showcased their unwavering commitment to bolstering business with excellent services and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring an enriching experience for all were the cultural performances that made the evening of connections all the more memorable. Here’s a glimpse of the celebration: