Gati paving the way for clean kilometres with milestone partnerships

The power of collective action while addressing long term consequences of climate change has been acknowledged worldwide, inspiring unprecedented global cooperation for green practices.

Gati, India’s premier express distribution company, takes pride in fruitful collaboration with key customers, in its journey towards sustainable last-mile delivery solutions. Its noteworthy partnerships to introduce green transport in the supply chain – by using alternative fuel and Electric Vehicles (EVs) embody the shared commitment to the environment, as these organisations collectively strive to reduce carbon emissions and embrace eco-friendly alternatives. By working hand in hand, not only are significant milestones achieved, but also an inspiring precedent is set for the industry.  

Driving a sustainable tomorrow with EVs

By integrating electric vehicles into their supply chain, Gati’s supports a leading global furniture retailer to achieve its aim of 100% zero emission in home deliveries by 2025. This is a testament to the shared commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of logistics operations. 

Gati has partnered to introduce electric delivery vans for the retailer’s products and presently, 61% of all deliveries from the Hyderabad store take place through EVs. EVs are also being used in last mile delivery for the store in Bengaluru. These are mitigating the impact of noise and air pollution on the urban environments in these cities, and catering to emerging demands of eco-conscious consumers who are increasingly favouring brands with sustainable practices. With this collaboration, Gati is driving the evolution of logistics towards a greener and more efficient future. 

Paving the way for cleaner kilometers with CNG

Gati has taken yet another step towards integrating alternate fuel-powered vehicles in the logistics supply chain through the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles as a cleaner alternative to traditional diesel-powered trucks. One of Gati’s marquee customers, a global energy management and automation company, has committed to go green for all in-city transportation by 2025, and has Gati’s support all through the way. Gati will implement CNG-powered trucks in their transportation network.  

CNG is a low-emission fuel that produces significantly fewer greenhouse gases compared to diesel, making it a viable option for long-haul transportation. This will contribute to cleaner air, reduced noise pollution, and help build a more sustainable future. 

A Greener Tomorrow through Collaboration

Such joint efforts are examples of how forward-thinking companies can join forces to create an eco-friendly and more sustainable ecosystem, by embracing alternate fuel-powered vehicles. Additionally, Gati has also committed to transform its entire first and last mile fleet to alternative fuel by 2025 and is aligned with Allcargo Group’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2040. 

All these endeavours nurture Allcargo Group’s strategic approach to sustainability and core value of ‘Care for Environment and Society.’