Revolutionizing LCL consolidation: XLERATING your Cargo!

With the twin advantage of efficiency and flexibility, XLERATE by ECU Worldwide, which is the global leader in LCL consolidation, has been bringing services perfect for businesses that seek timely, cost-effective LCL consolidation.

XLERATE, launched in 2020 for swift multimodal movements combining ocean, air, and land from Shanghai and Ningbo in China to Los Angeles in USA and further to Caribbean, has expanded to introduce services from Vietnam and China to Mexico, Latin America, and Europe, via USA.

Unique multimodal EXPRESS LCL solution:

Back in 2020, the world was faced by an unprecedented global crisis, brought on by the covid-19 pandemic. Efforts to contain the pandemic prompted several decisions by governments worldwide – such as limiting commercial flights thus reducing cargo carrying capacity – that inadvertently affected global supply chains.

At such a time, ECU Worldwide conceptualised XLERATE, offering the unique advantage of multimodal global transport, with swift, cost-effective, well-connected services from Shanghai (hub for the entire China) and Ningbo to Los Angeles and Miami.  XLERATE further added inland services to key Container Freight Stations (CFS) within USA, and also added multimodal services via USA to Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean, and Europe.

With Matson as the service provider for XLERATE (service code – CLX), ECU Worldwide is able to offer the most reliable port-to-port transit times in the industry, from China and Vietnam to USA. Businesses are likely to benefit from shorter transit times, of 11 days from vessel sailing date to cargo available for pick up (from Shanghai to Los Angeles), and of 15 to18 days (from China to 19 CFS locations, including New York, Chicago, and Miami), and additional 6 days for Haiphong in Vietnam. Additionally, they can avail simplified, all-inclusive IATA rate per kilo from FOB origin to free pick-up from any of the 19 XLERATE USA airport and CFS locations. XLERATE containers are offloaded at our bonded CFS’s in 24 to 36 hours after arrival.

Advantage of state-of-the-art technology

With ECU Worldwide, businesses have the additional benefits of digital tools and technology, making for a convenient booking experience. With ECU360, a state-of-the-art online platform, customers can conduct business 24×7. Its features like quick quotes, convenient cargo booking, sailing schedules, and access to all important information at one go, enable independent transactions and business continuity for customers.

Best of all ‘modes’

Leveraging the advantages of swiftness of air freight, and capacity and cost-effectiveness of ocean freight, XLERATE’s combination of multimodal freight offers distinct benefits for customers, while bolstering global supply chains.