Gati Air goes all out for customers

Gati Air goes all out for customers

Find you a friend like Gati Air, who will always have your back and go the extra mile to get you to your destination. The air freight wing of India’s premier express distribution wing, Gati Express and Suppply Chain, has been going all out to help their customers make and keep their promise.

Unparalleled reach

Gati is already well known for its deep reach within India, especially tier two and tier three cities, through its coverage of over 18,000 PIN Codes. Strengthening this reach is Gati Air’s capabilities – the nine Air Trans-shipment Centres (ATC) and 28 Air Operating Centres (AOC) that cater to all major airports in India extends the reach to far-fetched, up-country locations. Committed to bringing destinations closer to customers, the team recently extended its reach to Agartala, the capital city of Tripura in the north-east.

On account of the excellent connectivity, those businesses who value time can avail metro-to-metro deliveries in 24 hours within serviceable municipal PIN Codes, and metro to non-metro and non-metro to non-metro deliveries within 48-72 hours.

Customer-centric approach

To offer flexible and customised services to businesses Gati Air has forged partnerships with all major Indian airlines including Indigo, Vistara, Spice Jet, and Air India. On account of these excellent tie-ups Gati Air doesn’t just have an excellent record of upliftment, but Air India has also recognised Gati Air as a preferred partner with priority upliftment.

And for customers with unique locational requirements, Gati Air goes above and beyond by managing cargo movement to airports where they do not have a presence, on a case-to-case basis, such as when they delivered cargo for OLA Electric at Surat airport where Gati Air does not have an AOC presence, but due to the urgency of the situation the team organized retrieval and delivery through Gati’s surface presence. In another instance Gati Air delivered cargo for the cab aggregator from Faridabad to a location that is 120 km away, within 24 hours

Ingenuity in motion

Powered by passion and expertise, the maverick team of Gati Air has implemented some deliveries for marquee brands even in seemingly impossible situations. The movement of kits and accessories for the Indian cricket team on behalf of Adidas in less than 12 hours between metros, is a case in point.

When cricket fever gripped the country during the 2023 World Cup hosted by India, Gati Air delivered Team India’s t-shirts for the world cup match, which was picked up at 9 pm from Bangalore and delivered by 7 am in Chennai. Another example was when the kits were picked up from the outskirts of Delhi at 1 a.m. and delivered in Mumbai by 10 p.m. on the same day! With a young India that is rearing to go, buoyed by a billion dreams and the prospect of becoming a USD 5 trillion economy, small and large businesses alike are looking capitalize on the large consumption and manufacturing base that India presents. Gati Air’s ingenious and formidable solutions help them to aim for the sky.