Door-to-door with ECU360

Door-to-door with ECU360

If too many cooks spoil the broth, then what about too many hands handling your cargo?

Having to coordinate with multiple partners for international cargo movement proves to be more costly, time-consuming, and risky. Businesses looking for a one-partner solution are turning toECU Worldwide’s door-to-door solution, powered by the cutting-edge digital logistics tool, ECU360.

In a world where time is money, and convenience is king, the door-to-door service offered by the world’s no. 1 Less than Container Load (LCL) consolidator in over 50 global markets could be a gamechanger. Businesses can now circumvent the delays of multiples stops, and the risk of multiple handlers to directly reach their invaluable cargo to its destination early..

The Door-to-door Masterclass

To help businesses understand how they could save time and resourcing, and ensure the safety of their cargo, ECU Worldwide recently organised a masterclass on door-to-door shipping in India.

The information gained at the masterclass reveals the need for efficient door-to-door solutions. 48% of attendants cited coordinating with multiple vendors as the number one hurdle, while 32% found the lack of a single price to be a significant challenge. Another 13% needed better visibility of their cargo movement.

ECU360 – the ultimate door-to-door solution

Against this background where there is a clear demand, but where businesses need more guidance, the masterclass proved to be extremely beneficial.

Businesses became aware of the various advantages that ECU360 offers such as instant quotes for multiple global destinations, including DAP & ExW, ease and convenience of accessing global, standard pricing and tariffs in a transparent manner, worldwide, at the click of a button, and 24×7 availability enabling end-to-end customer convenience. Further, the access to reusable templates, personalized dashboards, business insights, and automated push reports enhance the ease of doing business.

With over 19,000 active customers, and over 15200 ZIP codes covered, ECU360’s global booking rate stands at 73%. However, the most impressive metric by far is the customer satisfaction rate of 4.85/5, which far exceeds other tools available in the market.

The convenience of using ECU360 to book door-to-door cargo movements is what stands out:

It is no wonder then that more than 80% of participants at the masterclass found the tool to be extremely useful. After all who can resist having one partner, one invoice, and a dedicated point of contact to streamline their door-to-door cargo movements effortlessly.