ECU360 – the choice of the movers and shakers of the world

The supply chain industry moves the world forward. Industries across geographies rely on the complex movement of goods to help them plan and grow their businesses. The search for reliable, efficient and prompt service brings them to ECU360, the world’s number one LCL consolidator, ECU Worldwide’s innovative digital logistics tool.

The search for a cutting-edge solution

The unprecedented changes made by the advancement in digital technology has transformed the ways of doing business and the ways of living. Digital commerce has changed and raised expectations with regard to how business should be done. The supply chain sector sought a similar experience.

The launch of ECU360 in 2018 was a direct response to this need. Features such as instant quotes, quick booking, and tracking and tracing features revolutionised the way cargo was moved globally. From cumbersome and time consuming manual processes, businesses got a taste of what digital efficiency looked and felt like. Time and human resources were freed up from mundane, repetitive tasks. Importantly, it brought unparalleled visibility to the supply chain, enabling predictability and enhanced planning capabilities. Within the first year, we have received an overwhelming response in terms of customers who have either quoted or booked their shipments through the platform.

Embracing efficiency

The new and easy mode of moving cargo with just a click found many takers, with more and more businesses choosing ECU360 to simplify their supply chains.

ECU360 also evolved in response to the changing market conditions, and digital developments.

In addition to additional features such as door-to-door deliveries in over 50 markets, access to sailing schedules with performance tracking, tariff download and auto distribution using RPA which were introduced, the newly improved shipping and trucking instructions enable a complete end-to-end seamless experience for cargo movements across 180 countries, and 2400 trade lanes. 

Further, making it easy to use is the new intuitive UI and design that is improved by periodic user feedback and usability testing, as well the inbuilt help guide. The API/EDI connectivity enables easier integration, while the best-in-class cloud technology ensures minimal downtime and uninterrupted service.  Customers get a personalised experience thanks to the use of cutting edge technology such as data science and heatmap analysis that aids in identifying user behaviour. Moreover, a responsive and proactive customer support ensures the average response time is less than 60 minutes.

Consequently, businesses across the board – freight forwarders, supply chain divisions of large corporations, e-commerce brands, B2C brands, and SMEs as well, seeking to amp up their supply chains have embraced ECU360. In 2023, over 15,000 distinct users either quoted or booked from the app – a reflection of the convenience it offers.

A combination of a comprehensive suite of features, a customer centred user interface, the latest cutting-edge technology, and consistent improvements has helped build customer confidence, making ECU360 the logistics tool of choice.