Allcargo Turkey: Setting Benchmarks in Freight Transportation and Logistics Services

Straddling two continents, and strategically located like a junction between Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, and East Mediterranean region, Turkey has unique advantages for international trade. For Allcargo, it stands as a key market, bolstered by the company’s multi-product offerings, ensuring swift and proficient solutions for customers.

With Turkey’s status as a transcontinental country, It has become a vital centre for economic growth and influence. Hence, its logistics sector also, offers abundant opportunities. Allcargo Turkey has leveraged the country’s connectivity to provide comprehensive services for air, ocean, road, and transit shipments, seamlessly connecting Asia and Europe, effectively making Turkey one of the top markets.

With the backdrop of a robust sales strategy and operational prowess, Asiapac Turkey, which is a part of the Allcargo Group, has been recognized for its excellence in Freight Transportation and Logistics Services by the Exporter’s Association (Hizmet İhracatçıları Birliği), ranking an outstanding 12th position among the participating countries in the category among the 2022 Service Export Champions evaluation.

Bolstering Tukey’s trade potential:

Turkey’s major exports include raw materials, marble, textiles, machinery, and automotive spare parts, while imports encompass a wide range of electronics, textiles, machinery, and paper. Bolstering this trade potential across the spectrum, Allcargo Turkey provides end-to-end solutions for international supply chains with strong road and rail freight services in the domestic arena as well, ensuring efficient last mile connectivity country-wide. 

Despite certain challenges inherent for the region, such as fluctuation in currency, inflation, and government policy on customs processes, a robust set of solutions ensure Allcargo Turkey is a top choice for supply chains in the region.

Delivering top-notch services:

With services catering to booming industries such as mining, textile, machinery, automotive spare parts, and renewable energy commodities, now with a focus on expanding renewable energy even more such as with solar systems, Allcargo Turkey has been committed to customer centricity. Its robust procurement strength, and strong relationships with carriers and customers are the added advantage, with the strong suit of a clear and transparent operations process, and professional solutions made to fit specific needs of different businesses and customers.

Setting benchmarks:

It is this spirit of setting benchmarks in freight transportation and the logistics sector that has culminated in several achievements and milestones, such as the recognition by the Exporter’s Association.