Digitalization to revolutionize efficiency and engagement

Gati digital infrastructure with Tech Mahindra

When it comes to technologies accelerating the digitalization of business supply chains, cloud computing has emerged as an important trend, shaping the future of global logistics. Businesses stand to benefit from its many advantages that include elimination of data silos, use of automation, possibility to integrate Artificial Intelligence and predictive technology, and more.

In an endeavour to significantly boost productivity and unlock new levels of efficiency, Gati, India’s premier express distribution company has collaborated with Tech Mahindra, to advance its enterprise-wide application, GEMS 2.0, to a cloud-based platform.

Gati digital infrastructure with Tech Mahindra

With this digital forward stride, Gati is all set to offer enhanced customer experiences and a modern tech-driven interface, that also enables better efficiency and reduced costs. Leveraging Tech Mahindra’s expertise and focus on cloud-native applications, Gati has reiterated its thrust on investing in next-generation digital transformation and delivering seamless excellence to its customers.

Digital, scalable, and agile

In order to transform Gati’s legacy application to a more flexible, cloud-based one, the architecture of GEMS 2.0 will be micro-services-based and event-driven through rule engines.

As a result of being developed on the cloud, GEMS 2.0 will be secure, and ensure a robust performance across different geographies.

“GEMS which was rolled out 20 years back is a pioneering initiative in the logistics industry. We are delighted to partner with Tech Mahindra to create a transformed GEMS on a micro services platform to provide customers ease of doing business. This partnership is a major step forward in delivering operational excellence and a superior customer experience and a part of Allcargo Group’s continued focus on empowering Gati reach greater heights,” said Pirojshaw Sarkari, Managing Director and CEO, Gati Express and Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd. (GESCPL).

GEMS 2.0 will use automated processes and advanced data analysis, including AI and machine learning, to enhance its operations across all operational areas.

In addition, drawing strength from the intuitive and consistent UI/UX design, GEMS 2.0 will offer on-demand customisation and a multi-browser friendly user experience.

Technology that delivers India’s progress every day

As an organization, Gati has always prioritized the use of digital tools, platforms, and software to enable its customers to complete transactions with ease. This is yet another step in its effort to boost productivity and drive technology based transformation in the express logistics space.

For customers, this translates into speed and efficiency, at their fingertips. Powered by GEMS 2.0, not only will systems and processes be streamlined better, but operations across Gati’s nationwide reach spanning 99% of India’s PIN Codes, will be optimized to create significant time and cost advantages.

Be it digital payment modes, the Gati Genie chatbot, or the online portal through which customers can schedule pick-ups, deliveries and transport goods all over India, with GEMS 2.0, users can look ahead to a seamless journey, with access to real-tine information, updates, and tracking details to take informed decisions, tailored to their supply chain requirements.

Further, not only has Gati been optimizing its network and routing mechanism through the use of data science and analytics, but also integrated requisite systems and technologies in its state-of-the-art Surface Transhipment Centres (STCs) in order to reduce dwell times and enable fast, timely deliveries.

Committed to excellence

For an organization like Gati that boosts India’s entrepreneurial ambitions, offers connectivity that extends from the metro cities to the most interior hinterlands, and provides solutions tailored to the needs of multinationals, SMEs, retailers, and even individuals, adaptability is the key.

Whether it is the nationwide footprint of exceptional world-class facilities, or digital infrastructure that bolsters supply chains with resilience, visibility, and transparency, their success depends on the ability to extend, expand, and modify capabilities in line with the requirements of diverse industries and sectors. 

In this scenario, a transformative tech platform like GEMS 2.0, directed towards better workflow management with the ultimate aim of putting customers first and offering them a superior experience, bodes well for the organization and the multiple businesses it caters to.