Enhancing connectivity in Uttar Pradesh

Enhancing connectivity in Uttar Pradesh

India is on the move. Businesses, dreams, and ambitions are always looking to expand their footprint. Helping bolster aspirations of a buoyant country, Gati, one of India’s premier express distribution companies, recently launched a new state-of-the-art facility in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Enhancing connectivity in Uttar Pradesh

The new warehouse is part of Gati’s strategy to augment infrastructure across India. In the past two years the express distribution major has built a formidable network of world-class facilities – Farrukh Nagar for north bound cargo traffic, Bhiwandi to cater to the all-important economic zone for Mumbai and Gujarat, Nagpur – right in the heart of India, Guwahati in the North-East, and in the south where Gati has traditionally had a strong presence, a new facility will be coming up in Bangalore.

Catalysing opportunities

Situated in the industrial belt of eastern Uttar Pradesh (UP), this new facility helps cater to the leather, garments, and automobile sectors situated in the area, as well as the small and medium businesses in the area. UP has the largest concentration of MSMEs, who are looking for swift and cost-effective express delivery solutions to help them expand their market reach.

At 20,000 sq. ft, the warehouse is well equipped to deal with the swell in demand and supply that varying seasons of consumption brings. Safety being a top priority, fire-hydrants and CCTV help secure the facility. And in line with Gati’s focus on sustainability, provision for water harvesting has been made.

Wider reach, faster services

With services across 19,800 PIN Codes in India, Gati offers businesses unparalleled reach, but in keeping with their customer centric approach, there are consistent efforts to enhance reach and reduce transit times.

In addition to building strategically located world-class facilities, earlier this year Gati also expanded its direct coverage by 25%, by moving 1000 PIN Codes from Extra Service Locations (ESS) to direct delivery.

Green mobility

However, Gati is not just focusing on enhancing mobility. In keeping with its ESG goal of being carbon neutral by 2040, the express distribution expert is also looking to protect the environment through its alternate fuel vehicles initiative, which is helping businesses achieve their carbon reduction goals.

As India’s trusted delivery partner for over 30 years, Gati’s is pulling out all the stops to deliver India’s progress every day.