Navigating the green horizon

Navigating the green horizon

The transformation in the business landscape over the past few years has truly brought to the fore, the need to respond to business disruptions in a sustainable and resilient manner. For the logistics sector in particular, the challenges of overcoming the slowdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic and consequent acceleration in digitalization, present a massive opportunity. The time is right, and the moment is now, to rebuild better and take strides towards sustainable, green logistics.

As a market-leading global logistics player, we, at Allcargo Group have taken a strategic approach to ESG for establishing a robust sustainability strategy, in line with the best global standards and practices.

Our ESG Report for 2022-23 covers highlights of our journey until now, and also captures our intent and targets for the years ahead.

Navigating the green horizon

Over the last year, we have been understanding our potential to adopt a transformative shift, while looking to revamp our processes to fit our sustainability vision. In doing so, we have digitalised not only our operational processes, but also established an ESG dashboard to facilitate tracking our environmental and social footprint.

We turned to our stakeholders to understand their expectations from us as a global leader of cargo consolidation. A culmination of the views of our stakeholders and the valuable insights provided by our leadership helped us establish our sustainability goals and commitments.

Materiality Assessment

We carried out the first ever materiality assessment to interact with numerous stakeholder groups to understand the sensitivity of varied ESG topics, categorize topics based on environment, social and economic importance, and identify and finalize our material topics.

Understanding their impact materiality helped us gain visibility over key issues, form a blueprint of our ESG roadmap and strategise our ESG goals and commitments.

The ‘Next’ in our journey

The focus for the coming years is to be able to establish initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint, subsequently reducing the footprint in our value chain.

We strongly believe that collaborative action will help in solving challenges and creating a global green supply chain, as we look to partner with our customers and our suppliers. With this in mind, we are well-geared and ready to explore the areas of sustainable transportation, greener cargo consolidation and establishing transparent value chains.

Our ESG Ambition

Our ESG Ambition is our navigation system, guiding us towards a sustainable tomorrow through the alignment of our core values and our vision, proactively.

Details and insights

I invite you to read our ESG Report for 2022-23, for a comprehensive overview of our ESG journey, the way forward, global collaboration, partnerships, and capabilities that will empower us to achieve our objective of being carbon neutral by 2040.

— Rani Shah is Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance, and ESG Lead at Allcargo Group