A remarkable feat in airfreight and logistics

A remarkable feat in airfreight and logistics

In a remarkable demonstration of logistical prowess and air freight expertise, ECU Worldwide Chile achieved a momentous task in the world of cargo transport. The team swiftly transported a massive 13-tonne mining machine from Antofagasta, Chile, to Miami, Florida, within a short span of 13 days.

A remarkable feat in airfreight and logistics

The air freight development department received a requirement for a movement that had to be completed in just 13 days. On the other hand, the feat required crafting a sturdy crate, a long-haul truck journey, and unloading this massive cargo at the airport with a specialised crane.

The mission: transporting a colossal 13-tonne Komatsu mining machine, by air, from the remote mining town of Antofagasta, nestled in the northern reaches of Chile, to the metropolis of Miami, Florida. While Antofagasta is located approximately 1500 kilometres away from Santiago airport, this task needed to be accomplished within the tight demands of time – a mere 13 days.

Transporting such a massive piece of machinery by air in such a short time frame was evidently going to be nothing short of an epic challenge. The enormity of the task necessitated far more than the usual logistics coordination that the industry does on a daily basis. And everyone geared to work.

The feats that composed the journey 

The journey began with the careful making of a specialized wooden crate to house the heavy mining machine securely. The crate needed to be robust enough to endure the rigors of air travel and yet adaptable, to accommodate the extraordinary weight and dimensions of the mining equipment.

A specialized truck had to be enlisted to transport the massive crate from Antofagasta to the Santiago airport. This leg of the journey involved navigating a distance of 1500 kilometers, while timing was of the essence as the delivery schedule was incredibly tight.

The next feat was equally monumental – unloading the hefty crate from the truck at the airport. For this, a heavy-duty crane was contracted and stationed at the airport, ready to swing into action the moment the cargo arrived.

A story of precision, coordination, and resourcefulness

The logistics industry witnessed an extraordinary display of precision, coordination, and resourcefulness. It showcased the importance of advanced planning, the significance of having an extensive network of reliable partners, and the ability to adapt swiftly to unforeseen tasks.

ECU Worldwide Chile’s successful handling of this shipment emulates capabilities of managing oversized and overweight air cargoes, combining expertise and determination, ensuring that Chile’s remote corners are seamlessly connected to global destinations.

As the global leader in LCL consolidation, enabling seamless cargo movements across 180 countries, with door-to-door deliveries in over 50 markets, ECU Worldwide Chile could create unique synergies between the origin and destination to enhance efficiency of the movements.

Further, its digital capabilities, bolstered by the state-of-the-art digital logistics platform ECU360 ensured visibility and tracking throughout the journey.

Backed by this solid network and expertise, along with meticulous planning and the help of a reliable network, ECU Worldwide Chile showcased its expertise and capabilities in managing oversized air cargo, connecting remote locations globally.