Augmented direct delivery to enable business and drive progress

Augmented direct delivery to enable business and drive progress

When it comes to powering businesses with premier express distribution across the length and breadth of India, reach and connectivity are of utmost importance. In a landmark move that will certainly create significant advantages for businesses, India’s premier express distribution company, Gati, has added 1000 new direct delivery PIN Codes. With these additional PIN Codes transitioning from ESS to direct delivery, Gati’s has expanded its coverage by an impressive 25%, setting a new industry benchmark.

Augmented direct delivery to enable business and drive progress

One of the key reasons why businesses have trusted Gati for moving goods across the country, is its excellent reach, right into India’s hinterlands. With the addition of 1000 new direct delivery PIN Codes, the organization has paved the way to offer more agile, customized solutions and give its customers better control over their shipments.

Expanded reach and enhanced efficiencies

By operating direct deliveries for a broader network of PIN Codes, Gati is likely to optimize operations, streamlines processes, and be able to create substantial time and cost benefits, which can then be passed on to its customers.

For businesses that are looking to gain entry into untapped markets or new customer bases, this enhanced reach and connectivity is particularly advantageous. With its exceptional understanding of global and domestic business supply chains, Gati is in a position to drive faster, safer, and more cost-effective movements of diverse types of goods.

With direct delivery considerably reducing multiple cargo handling, not only will businesses gain from enhanced safety and efficiency, but also be able to explore solutions tailored to their needs.

Considering that the operational efficiencies are not limited to large businesses, even Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and retail customer can benefit from strengthened supply chains, enabling them to expand their footprint across India in a more feasible and cost-effective manner.

Adding to the strength of world-class logistics assets

In recent years, Gati has been actively expanding its network of state-of-the-art logistics assets strategically located throughout India. These modern facilities have revolutionized the pace of deliveries for businesses, enabling them to meet growing customer demands promptly and reliably.

By adding 1000 new direct delivery PIN Codes, Gati has built on the strengths of this existing network and made it accessible to a larger number of businesses, thus bolstering seamless logistics connectivity across the country.  

Ease of doing business, digitally

Gati’s commitment to enhancing business efficiencies extends to the realm of digital solutions as well. The introduction of Gati Genie, a WhatsApp chatbot, has simplified serviceability checks, tracking, and tracing of shipments. With a simple message on WhatsApp, businesses can access these functionalities, further streamlining their logistics operations.

Against the backdrop of this already strong digital-first approach, the augmented direct delivery to 1000 new PIN Codes truly exemplifies the organization’s customer centric focus and endeavour to increase the ease and convenience with which its customers transact and conduct business.

With its extended reach, robust logistics infrastructure, and digital logistics solutions, Gati continues to empower businesses and deliver India’s progress every day. By augmenting direct delivery capabilities, it creates opportunities for businesses to overcome logistical barriers and broaden horizons. As a reliable partner, by moving 1000 PIN Codes from Extra Service Locations (ESS) to direct delivery, Gati enables Indian businesses to thrive and flourish in an increasingly interconnected world.