ESG imperatives that commit to a better world

ESG imperatives that commit to a better world

Equity for all, that is what the Environmental, Social and Governance norms (ESG) enable. Organizations that prioritise ESG are likely to be more sustainable in their growth, and more resilient against uncertainties. The world leader in LCL with a network in 180 countries, ECU Worldwide has strengthened its focus on ESG with an aim to create a better tomorrow.

Carbon neutral by 2040

As a key player in the logistics sphere that provides seamless international supply chain services, reducing carbon emissions is a key priority for ECU Worldwide.

Having embarked on a structured ESG journey last year, the world LCL consolidation leader, which had onboarded an ESG knowledge partner, and an ESG software partner to capture relevant data, ECU Worldwide undertook an assessment of its operations along various parameters. The result of this empirical data is it’s ESG goals, the most important of which is to be carbon neutral by 2040.

Guided by its goal, the international supply chain major is already making headway in this area as it explores alternatives to fossil fuels.