A Gateway to the Nordics and Beyond

Nordicon Stronger Together

As Ingvar Kamprad aptly quotes, “Sweden is not just a country; it is a philosophy and a way of life.”

Nestled in the heart of Scandinavia, amidst its dynamic landscape, Sweden has emerged to be a nation known for its innovation, efficiency, and commitment to sustainability. With its end-to-end solutions that connect the world to this vibrant region, Nordicon Sweden continues to bolster businesses with seamless cargo movements.

Nordicon Stronger Together

Sweden’s strategic location offers a gateway to the entire Nordic region and beyond. With extensive coastlines and well-connected ports, the country has become a pivotal player in global trade. Nordicon Sweden, with its two decades of market experience, has established itself as the go-to logistics provider for businesses seeking connectivity to and from Sweden.

Enhancing synergies, augmenting global reach

Being the leading neutral consolidation company in the region Nordicon Sweden possesses the largest volume of cubic meters, ensuring the capacity to handle even the most demanding logistics requirements. With the most number of direct services in and out of Sweden – 17 weekly export and 23 weekly import services – it ensures swift and efficient movements for diverse cargo types.

Nordicon Sweden caters to major trade lanes, covering all main ports and facilitating inbound and outbound shipments from China, India, Southeast Asia, and North America. Beyond its China traffic, it offers direct services from Shanghai to various locations, thus reducing transshipment and streamlining supply chain operations.

The company handles a wide range of goods, including machinery, high-tech commercial cargo, paper and wood products, chemicals, garments, and factory production parts.

#StrongerTogether with ECU Worldwide

Backed by the Joint Venture with ECU Worldwide, Nordicon offers its customers unmatched access to a global network operating in 180 countries and services across over 2400 direct trade lanes.

The integration with ECU Worldwide’s global offices, centralized functions, and Key Account Management (KAM), helps enhance the overall customer experience.

Additionally, global procurement adds value, while advanced IT systems offer transparency and security.

Ease and convenience with My Nordicon

The My Nordicon platform is a safe and secure online customer portal, allowing access to real-time information flow and status updates to its customers.

It connects with open API and utilizes EDI, ensuring real-time information transmission and enabling transparency across the supply chain.

One of the platform’s interesting features is that during the course of getting a quote and completing the booking, it displays the carbon emissions that would be generated. Not only does this help create awareness, but also enables shippers and freight forwarders to be conscious about sustainability.

Digitally-driven warehousing excellence

Nordicon’s warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden, creates significant competitive advantage for its customers.

With complete control over the IT and systems in the warehouse, Nordicon Sweden creates synergies by offering direct connection and data access through its My Nordicon app. 

This helps businesses enhance efficiencies, take informed decisions, and have greater control over shipments.

Keeping up with sustainability

Nordicon Sweden has been ISO14000 registered since 2015 and remains committed to sustainability through its ESG initiatives.

The company proactively monitors and calculates carbon emissions, spearheading eco-friendly practices. As one of the few consolidators with a fully controlled warehouse-integrated terminal system, Nordicon Sweden sets the bar high. The adoption of electric trucks has been very well-received, with shippers and freight forwarders appreciating the focus on sustainability.

In accordance with the increasing focus on sustainability, Nordicon is also geared to offer a new direct LCL service from Istanbul, Turkey, to Gothenburg and the Nordics. With transit times of 26 days to Gothenburg, 30 days to Oslo, and 31 days to Copenhagen/Aarhus, not only is this fortnightly service efficient in terms of time and cost, but also likely to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90%, as compared to road transport between Turkey and the Nordics. The company envisions switching this to a weekly service too, in the near future, so that many more shippers and freight forwarding partners can take a conscious step to reduce their ecological impact.

Nordicon Sweden thrives in all capacities, prioritizing customer centricity, leveraging technology, and embracing sustainability, to strengthen global business supply chains.