Setting the vision for 2023!

New goals, new dreams, bigger ambitions, the new year brings with it a flood of aspirations that organizations the world over strive to achieve. Each year in January, the India based multinational, Allcargo Group, looks forward to learn what the new year will hold for them.

In what has become a tradition of sorts, the Founder and Chairman of Allcargo Group, Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, shared his vision with the entire organization, across the globe. Teams from France to Farrukh Nagar, listened to his address. Leading a global organization across 180 countries that is a key player in the world of trade, and which earns a significant portion of its revenue from its international businesses, it was but natural for Mr. Shetty’s address to touch upon various important aspects impacting the global economy, such as the changing geopolitical dynamics and complex macro-economic parameters.

Known for his bold vision for the future, it was an opportunity for the team to learn the key focus areas, so that the Group can stay ahead of competition and the changing business environment. While being a forward looking message, the address also celebrated the year gone by for the fabulous performance, and appreciated the various lessons that it afforded.

Needless to say, it was a message that inspired Allcargo Group’s team the world over and which will act as a lighthouse for the year to come to guide and illuminate the path ahead in 2023, and beyond.