Standing tall among the exceptional 30 under 30!

Standing tall among the exceptional 30 under 30!

Digital transformation can bring USD 100 trillion of additional value to the global economy by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum. Moreover, 20% fewer emissions can result from scaling digital solutions in industries.

The need for building digitally competitive industries, synergised with the youthful approach of the tech-savvy, young leaders inherently the digital natives of today –  has the potential to build unparalleled resilience for organisations. And Vaishnav Shetty, Executive Director and Group Chief Digital Officer, Allcargo Group, has set out to do just that!

Vaishnav Shetty, Executive Director and Group Chief Digital Officer, Allcargo Group, received the prestigious ‘Marketing World 30 under 30’ award for 2023

Recognising Allcargo Group’s Executive Director and Group Chief Digital Officer, Vaishnav Shetty’s leadership on digital initiatives of the Allcargo Group, Business World conferred him with the prestigious Marketing World 30 under 30 award for 2023, at New Delhi.

BW Business World’s ‘Marketing 30 under 30’ initiative aims to recognise and celebrate young achievers who have revolutionised overall growth of their brand or organisation in a demonstrable way and are also cognisant of customers’ changing needs and expectations.

The Allcargo Group has been trailblazing the industry’s strides towards digitalisation as an organisation that has always strived to create a culture of innovation, excellence, and industry-leading digital transformation; and Mr. Vaishnav Shetty has been at the helm of these digital initiatives.

ECU360 – The Digital Freight Platform

Hallmarking ease of doing business, ECU360, ECU Worldwide’s state-of-the-art digital logistics platform has been the harbinger of the digital transformation of global cargo movements, allowing business to shipping with a click and conduct business 24×7 at their convenience. It is also acting as an equaliser, allowing small businesses to compete with big ones. By breaking geographical barriers through the digital medium, ECU360 has helped globalise the world economy. Its features allow for complete transparency of cargo with the track and trace, quick quotes for shipments across different countries, instant booking, and automated billing, customised reports and analysis, among others.

Leveraging data science and analytics

Among other digital initiatives, Allcargo Group uses automation to augment service quality, build a culture of data integrity, and optimise internal productivity. Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is being explored for informed decision making and optimising the existing network infrastructure.

These efforts have helped bring in new technologies which allow for new metrics to be captured, thus creating the opportunity to view and identify strengths, gaps, and efficiencies across the organisation through a different lens and perspective.

The consequent enhancements in service reliability, visibility, and profitability, have helped gain a competitive advantage and differentiation, as well as be benchmarked among the best in the logistics industry.

A culture of change and innovation

One of the biggest achievements of Allcargo Group’s next-gen leader Vaishnav Shetty has been to drive cultural acceptance and a digital mindset across group functions, leading to proactive project undertakings by leaders in finance, operations, and sales.

Navigating resistance to change, language barriers, as well as the different stages and standards for digitalisation in different countries where the logistics major operates has been the key to his success, powering his forward strides.

He also continues to enable strategic partnerships with startups, global venture capital firms, and top educators to drive internal motivation and market intrigue.

Digitally empowered, future-ready

At a time when the industry is leaping forward in the sphere of digitalisation, Allcargo’s digital initiatives continue to help it become future-ready.