Another feather in Gati’s cap

Another feather in Gati’s cap

World-class infrastructure has become the cornerstone of India’s economic evolution. 
The logistics industry serves as the backbone of India’s growth story, dotting it also with smart warehouses and distribution centres. With a commitment to infrastructure-driven progress, Gati, India’s premier express distribution and supply chain company, is leapfrogging into a future of unparalleled efficiency and tech-driven innovation. 

Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, Founder and Executive Chairman, Allcargo Group, along with Mr. Pirojshaw Sarkari (Phil), Managing Director and CEO – Gati Express and Supply Chain Pvt. Limited and Managing Director, Allcargo Supply Chain, at the inauguration of the Mayasandra Surface Transhipment Centre and Distribution Warehouse.

In a strategic leap amplifying its country-wide footprint in top-tier infrastructure, Gati unveiled a state of the art and tech-enabled Surface Transhipment Centre and Distribution Warehouse (STCDW) in Mayasandra, Hobli, near Bengaluru in Karnataka.

“We are pleased to launch the multi-user STCWD at Mayasandra, which offers massive cargo handling capacity and superior connectivity due to its strategic locational advantages. The tech-enabled STCDW will pave the way for greater customer centricity at Bengaluru, the Silicon valley of India and a key consumption centre of the country. With advanced infrastructure, ramped up cargo processing capacity and environmentally sustainable initiatives, the STCDW will strengthen our position in the express logistics space.” says Mr. Pirojshaw Sarkari (Phil), Managing Director and CEO – Gati Express and Supply Chain Pvt. Limited and Managing Director, Allcargo Supply Chain.

Another feather in Gati’s cap

Another feather in Gati’s cap

Customer centricity

Aligning with the value of customer centricity, this facility is equipped with a number of safety measures, safeguarding goods and the peace of mind of all customers, including benchmarked fire safety measures, round the clock monitoring with CCTVs, and power back-up facilities. It also perfectly complements retail, pharma, and sports equipment industries, whose warehouses are located in the immediate vicinity. 

By leveraging the integration of warehousing facilities with advanced inventory management systems, it enhances operational efficiency. Businesses can track their stock, streamline order fulfilment, and avoid stock-outs or overstocking situations, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Superior connectivity

Its unparalleled connectivity offers a range of advantages, enabling businesses to deliver products faster to their customers. It is strategically located just 5.5 km away from NH 44 (Bengaluru-Hosur Highway). Apart from buttressing pan-India connectivity, the facility also enables faster connectivity within Bengaluru, effectively optimising all supply chains and improving performances, due to its proximity to the upcoming ring road.

It is further advantaged due to its proximity to the industrial hub of Hosur, amid the mega project of the Chennai – Bengaluru economic corridor.

Commitment to sustainability

In keeping with Gati’s alignment to Allcargo Group’s overall ESG goal to be carbon neutral by 2040, the Mayasandra STCDW complies with green norms and has environment sustainable measures in place such as rainwater harvesting, rooftop solarisation to power the facility, and plans to scale Electric Vehicles for use at the STCDW.

Consolidating Gati’s footprint

The Mayasandra STCDW is the fifth facility launched by Gati in the past two years, starting with Farukh Nagar, contributing to consolidation of Gati’s presence across all zones of the country – the North-East with a facility in Guwahati in Assam, and the west and central zones due to its respective facilities in Bhiwandi and Nagpur in Maharashtra.

The Gati advantage

The Mayasandra STCDW not only strengthens Gati’s country-wide footprint of world-class infrastructure but also enhances connectivity. Gati offers extensive nationwide coverage, and expertise in domestic air freight, retail services, and contract logistics. As part of Allcargo Group with a global network operating in 180 countries, Gati offers truly end-to-end integrated logistics with services across diverse verticals that include International Supply Chain, CFS-ICD, Contract Logistics, and more.