Delivering India’s progress with world-class infrastructure

Delivering India’s progress with world-class infrastructure

Excellent logistics is a prerequisite for India to fulfil its aspirations of becoming a USD 5 trillion economy. Dreams of entrepreneurship have been spurred on by India’s digital thrust and the resulting e-commerce wave. India’s all-important SME sector seeks a reliable partner to achieve scale, and Gati, India’s premier express distribution company, heeds the demand with a strong focus on augmenting its infrastructure.

Delivering India’s progress with world-class infrastructure

“Although we are known for our extensive reach, we have been pulling out all stops to strengthen connectivity. Recently, we expanded our direct coverage by 25%, by moving 1000 PIN Codes from Extra Service Locations (ESS) to direct delivery. However, PIN Codes are just one side of the story. Over the past few years, we have also been investing in building a nationwide network of truly world-class logistics assets. All these strategic moves help us offer better service to our customers. After all their success is our motivation,” says Rajesh Gowrinath, Senior Vice President – Sales at Gati. 

Infrastructure across the North, South, East, and West

Having launched a state-of-the-art Surface Transhipment Centre (STC) at Farrukh Nagar, in 2021, Gati has moved forward at a remarkable pace, augmenting its infrastructure footprint with similar facilities and distribution hubs. While the Farrukh Nagar STC provides extensive connectivity across the northern hinterlands, and operates 50 direct routes to locations across India, its tech-enabled STC and mega distribution hub at Bhiwandi, near Mumbai, which was launched earlier this year caters to short-haul or regional distribution, as well as the consolidation, sorting, and dispatch of long-haul loads to other parts of the country.

Delivering India’s progress with world-class infrastructure

Farrukh Nagar

Delivering India’s progress with world-class infrastructure


Delivering India’s progress with world-class infrastructure


Delivering India’s progress with world-class infrastructure



This year, STCs were also launched at Nagpur and Guwahati. These strategically located facilities, enhance hub and spoke distribution as well as enable same-day, and next-day deliveries within the catchment areas. These are only a few of the 12 such STCs planned across locations like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, etc.

Technology enabled facilities

Cognizant that the future is digital and that businesses increasingly desire the ease and efficiency offered by digital solutions, Gati has focused on integrating technology into its facilities and infrastructure.

With advanced tools and software, data science and analytics for network optimization, real-time tracking and updates, use of new-age Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and automation to boost productivity and human capital, it aspires to enable optimization of business supply chains, reduce dwell times, and ensure on-time deliveries.

Focus on ESG

Gati’s burgeoning infrastructure is well-aligned with its commitment to ESG, and Allcargo Group’s overall objective of being carbon neutral by 2040.

The organization has partnered to introduce Electric Vehicles (EVs) for first and last mile deliveries for various customers and aims to convert its pick-up and delivery fleet to alternative fuel vehicles by 2025. Further, its STCs and warehouses have been built giving due consideration to sustainability and include rainwater harvesting, use of natural light and solar energy, construction material and practices that help conserve resources, wastewater management, tree plantation within the premises, etc. to help offer green logistics solutions.

Synergies for end-to-end supply chain management

Further, in collaboration with Allcargo Supply Chain, Gati offers truly end-to-end supply chain solutions, specialized for sectors such as automotive, electrical equipment, apparel, heavy engineering, pharmaceuticals, and others.

With these flexible, scalable services, backed by excellent express distribution and a robust physical and digital infrastructure, Gati is fast emerging as a partner of choice for its customers.

With nationwide connectivity, digitally-enabled, optimized routing, and seamless transportation spanning critical industrial clusters and consumption centres spanning the north, east, west, south, and northeast of India, Gati is indeed well-geared to deliver India’s progress every day.