The Nordicon Advantage

The Nordicon Advantage

Stable, robust, and well developed – the Nordic region is known to be conducive to growth. To enable the rich geographical dividends to be accessed by businesses, the world’s leading Less than container load (LCL) consolidator, ECU Worldwide, and Nordicon the leading consolidator in the Nordic region collaborated on building synergies with a Joint Venture (JV).

The Nordicon Advantage

A year after the successful JV, customers have been delighted with the additional services they receive in the Nordic region, enabling them to seamlessly move their cargo to and from.  

What is the Nordicon edge?

Nordicon is the leading neutral consolidation company in the Nordic region with offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. It has been leading the consolidation market for 20 years and is the largest consolidator in Scandinavia. From its own warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden as well as local terminals in each country, the company organizes the consolidation of freight to more than 500 export destinations and from more than 300 import locations around the world. Besides its core LCL business in ocean and rail and focus on direct consolidation services, Nordicon also offers Full Container Load (FCL) and a range of other transport-related services such as warehousing, air freight, and trucking.

Digital solutions

Known for coming up with innovative solutions, it is viewed as a pioneer in the cargo movement space and is at the forefront of development in the LCL market. With its cutting-edge technology portal My Nordicon it offers businesses the ease of online booking, and rate calculation while accessing all the details of the consignments, status reports, and statistics that help make it a seamless journey.

Ahead in infrastructure

Moreover, Nordicon also leads on the infrastructure front. It is the only consolidator in the region with its own warehouse – Nordicon Terminals. The terminal of over 11,000 square meters is located a stone’s throw from the Port of Gothenburg. With a capacity of 17 loading gates as well as a larger gate for side loading, it enables the handling of large loads. Equipped to provide modern solutions for increased quality and efficiency, the warehouse also offers pallet racks that enable storage and associated services such as pick and pack.

Sustainability first

Conscious of its impact on the environment, Nordicon is the only consolidator in the region which is ISO14001 certified. Not content with that, it is currently working on acquiring an ISO9001 certificate. Cementing its commitment to reduce carbon emissions, Nordicon recently became the first terminal to launch electric trucks for container movement to and from Gothenburg port. In a special event, customers and guests got to witness this new venture for carbon dioxide-neutral transport. The guests received an exclusive display of the Volvo FH Electric truck, which will drive dedicatedly for Nordicon Terminals between the terminal and the Port of Gothenburg. 

Enriched by ECU Worldwide’s global network operating in 180 countries, Nordicon’s customers now have access to more than 2400 direct trade lanes, and door-to-door services in more than 50 global markets, while also benefitting from air freight and other value-added services like trucking in select locations.