Driving global trade across Panama and beyond

Driving global trade across Panama and beyond

The Republic of Panama is an isthmic strip with a total area of 75,416 km², and 2,210 km² of territorial waters, totalling 77,626 km². Panama has coasts both. in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific. Located on the isthmus of Panama uniting South America with Central America, its mountainous territory is only interrupted by the Panama Canal, which is tremendously important for global trade. Facilitating imports, exports, and bolstering trade with seamless global cargo movements, are global LCL consolidation leaders like ECU Worldwide. 

Driving global trade across Panama and beyond

Strategically located between the continents of North and South America, Panama is one of the most developed nations in Central America.

Strengthening presence across the nation

Panama has a network of ports that provide a wide variety of services to containerized, bulk, liquid, and general cargo, as well as passengers at cruise terminals. The major ports are Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT), Cristobal, Colon Container Terminal (CCT), Balboa and Panama International Terminal (PSA).

For more than 25 years, ECU Worldwide Panama has been helping businesses broaden horizons and access a global network operating in 180 countries with door-to-door deliveries in over 50 markets. Its offices in Colon Province in the Colon Free Zone and the main office in Panama City help shippers and freight forwarders leverage the advantage of exceptional local expertise and understanding of the business landscape, along with making the most of ECU Worldwide’s vast global reach.

The advantage of end-to-end International Supply Chain solutions

“What sets ECU Worldwide Panama apart is our offices and presence at strategic locations in the country and the synergies we can create with our global network in 180 countries. Offices at the origin and destination ends allow us to offer customers unmatched levels of service and this builds the trust that we have now come to be known for in the market. Our main USP lies in our expertise and a team committed to customer centricity and excellence, always willing to go the extra mile”, says Celia Martin, Country Manager, ECU Worldwide Panama.

One of the key reasons that businesses across Panama prefer working with global players like ECU Worldwide is the reliability that comes with partnering with a logistics services provider capable of offering single-window solutions.

With services over more than 2400 direct trade lanes, ECU Worldwide Panama offers a gateway to the world with 15 import direct and 24 export direct services.

Along with International Supply Chain including LCL, neutral FCL and air freight, businesses benefit from a host of value-added services.

  • National coverage for domestic transportation for pick-ups and deliveries
  • Underflow and overflow of cargo can be loaded into ECU Worldwide’s consolidated services (Import and Export)
  • Relabelling, Case building for non-seaworthy shipments, Measuring of Shipments, IMO intervention
  • Cargo releasing and other ancillary services
  • Gateway support functions that include Dedicated gateway, Customer service desk, Warehouse space, Labelling and discharge orders
  • Customers / Buyers own consol
  • Cost effective and seamless efficiency
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation services
  • 4 loading docks, loading chassis, for exports
  • 4 docks, unloading from chassis, for imports
  • Dangerous Goods handling

Seamless solutions powered by technology

With digitalization transforming global logistics, ECU Worldwide continues to make logistics an almost e-commerce like experience, backed by its state-of-the-art digital logistics platform, ECU360.

Along with creating a digital ecosystem that also includes value-added services like trucking and cargo insurance, ECU360 makes it possible to ship in just a few clicks.

Its range of user-friendly features covers instant door-to-door quotes, quick bookings, reusable templates, enhanced track and trace, automated push reports, business insights, personalized dashboards, and more.

Its liberal trade policies have made it an attractive location for businesses to set up operations. With imports and exports made easy and facilitated by the Panama Canal, it opens up several opportunities for logistics players to offer services that help move cargo in a safe, effective manner.