A bold, new transformation

In keeping with global uncertainties and macroeconomic situations, the nature of business environments has evolved to be dynamic and in a constant state of flux. For global business conglomerates like Allcargo, this creates the need to constantly keep pace and stay ahead, not only to survive, but to thrive and keep growing sustainably.  

Never before has the demand for flexible, agile operations, and capabilities to transform in a swift, effective manner been more pronounced than it is today. Businesses, the world over, are taking it upon themselves to align with changing market requirements and meet increasing customer expectations. And reinforcing leadership with a striking new presence is logistics industry frontrunner, Allcargo.

A reflection of core values

For Allcargo, the philosophy has always been to remain ahead of the curve and reiterate leadership by being dynamic, innovative, change managers, courageous in decision making, and agile in execution. In India and across the globe, the organization has focused on delivered seamless, customized, end-to-end logistics.

It is these ideals that are strengthened through its new identity.

Maximizing potential, every step of the way

One of the main reasons that Allcargo has emerged as the preferred logistics partner for its customers it its customer centricity, and approach of always going the extra mile. Additionally, when backed by the prioritization of digitally-enabling and optimizing processes and operations, as well as an expertise across the entire spectrum of logistics verticals, customers benefit from being able to make the most of every opportunity.

The striking, new presence aptly showcases this advantage.

In a distinctive move, the letters g and o are combined into the classic infinity symbol, which has been retained for its close association with the Allcargo brand. The addition of a powerful red background lends itself to clear visibility and a noticeable presence.

Fortifying a partnership of strength

With three decades of experience in the logistics space, Allcargo Group plays a key role in shaping the future of global logistics and contributing to India’s bold aspirations of emerging as a global trade destination and hub.

Its transformation symbolizes the endeavour to forge valuable associations with all stakeholders and be synonymous with excellence.

As indicated by the arrows at the end of the infinity symbol, when it comes to bolstering businesses and their entrepreneurial ambitions, all directions are covered – not just geographically, but also in terms of providing a holistic solution.

A recognition of industry leadership

For homegrown logistics multinational Allcargo, success takes multiple forms.

Whether it is the support and confidence of its customers, enabling partnerships with its peers and competitors, domestic and international recognition, or market performance, every aspect helps define the organization’s strong institutionalization, professionalization, and resilience.

A recent testimony to Allcargo’s leadership is that in company rankings published by leading newspaper Business Standard, it has been ranked as the 65th largest company in India by total revenues. It is also the No. 1 logistics company in the country, as per category-wise rankings, which are part of the sector performance section.

No. 1 logistics company in the country,

Charting its course as a proactive, responsible, logistics partner, Allcargo’s new visual presence is geared to reflect the attributes it associates with – strong, reliable, innovative, dynamic, decisive, and moving the world, with ingenuity.