Steps to sustainability powered by employee action

Steps to sustainability powered by employee action

It is no secret that both, customers and employees, prefer brands that are environmentally and socially conscious, committed to contribute to the good of society. And considering that engaged employees are likely to be more motivated and productive, employee volunteering and action is one of the best ways to bring teams together, get all hands on deck, and build a better world. Among the world’s leading logistics conglomerates, Allcargo Group has consistently been at the forefront of such activities that continue to see enthusiastic participation.

As rightly quoted by Jochen Zeitz, “Sustainability is not about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.” With initiatives across multiple key focus areas like environment, education, health, women’s empowerment, sports and disaster relief, corporate giants like Allcargo Group prioritize purpose over profit and set the right example by implementing CSR goals and environmental policies for reducing environmental impact, integrating sustainability across facilities, operations, and enabling partners, employees, customers, and business associates to do so too.

Employees in action

With a motto to green the earth, mitigate global warming, and reduce carbon emissions, planting trees and restoring existing ones could make a huge difference to the environment and the planet.

And when it comes to responsible corporate citizens like Allcargo, affirmative action is almost always a given.

Giving the city’s beaches a facelift!

Showing their support to living by the organization’s values, close to 200 employees stepped up, and showed up, for an early morning beach clean-up drive over the weekend.

Dadar beach in Mumbai, where the activity took place, saw them pick up 1 tonne of plastic waste, which was then sent for recycling.

Gearing up for the greens

In another heart-warming initiative, Allcargo Group’s team members carried out a tree plantation activity under its Maitree programme. Planting saplings of fruit-bearing trees in tribal areas on the outskirts of the city, they truly sowed the seeds for new, blossoming future. An interesting aspect of this activity is that it also created livelihood opportunities for the farmers who would now tend to the trees and sell their produce.

Moving closer to its aim of planting a million trees, backed by the participation of its employees and partners, Allcargo Group has already planted more than 800,000 trees till date.  

Under the Allcargo Greens initiative, e-friendly options such as steel bottles and cutlery, and cloth bags are used. Further, the operations are also being optimized to reduce its carbon footprint.

Doing the CSR bit

Collaborating with its partner NGOs, Allcargo Group carries out many other CSR activities that range right from facilitating skill development and training to offering scholarships to meritorious students, enabling sight and hearing, providing support for medical care and life-saving surgeries, training women in hygiene and self-defence, and many more. Employees are encouraged to volunteer and experience the joy of helping someone in need, whenever and wherever possible.

Even when it comes to protecting the environment, every action counts. So while on the one hand, the organization looks ahead to optimize cargo movements and integrate sustainability in its warehouses and facilities, on the other, its team members do their bit by greening their office spaces, reducing the use of plastics, minimizing printing, not wasting food and water, turning off electrical devices when not in use, etc.


If the dream is to have a better future, a sustainable tomorrow, the only way ahead is to bring together talent, expertise, resources and passion, to commit to this common cause.