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Most Preferred Brand Award 2022

According to a recent study conducted by Salesforce, 88% of customers believe that trust, values, and integrity become a lot more important, especially in times of change. Further, 73% expect companies to understand their unique needs and 68% of customers have purchased products in new ways over the past two years.

As the expectations and demands continue to rise, it is brands that are customer-centric, value-driven, and agile, which are likely to emerge successful and emerge as preferred ones among their target audience. Backed by its digital-first approach, commitment to core values, and exceptional understanding of the business landscape, it is no surprise then, that Allcargo Logistics, the global leader in LCL consolidation and one of India’s largest integrated logistics services providers has been recognized among the Most Preferred Brands of 2022.

Aiming toward a futuristic tomorrow

As global macroeconomic factors continue to evolve and impact global trade and economy, shippers and freight forwarders are veering towards single-window solutions from a reliable, trusted partner.

With its seamless connectivity to 180 countries, services across more than 2,400 direct trade lanes, and door-to-door services in over 50 global markets, as well as pan-India services for diverse logistics verticals, Allcargo Logistics has reinstated its positions as a preferred partner for its customers. Customers vouch for its digitally-enabled, customized solutions across International Supply Chain, CFS-ICD, Air Freight, Contract Logistics, Logistics Parks, Express Distribution, and more.

Delivering excellence

In addition to its proven excellence in global cargo movements through ocean, road and air, what sets market leaders like Allcargo apart is the resilience and business continuity they offer, as well as their collaborative partnerships that drive efficiencies.

Various factors like taking key strategic decisions at the right time, impeccable implementation of business decisions, people-centric policies and strategies, focus on institution building and professionalization, as well as a diverse, talented workforce play a role in making organizations the first, and often only choice, for their customers.

Allcargo, with its culture that focuses on innovation and ingenuity, has a number of initiatives like Restart, a program for women who have had a break in their careers to ease back into the workforce, Velocity, a global management trainee program that brings in and encourages young talent, a specialized program to groom Hi-Potentials for future leadership roles, that give its workforce the opportunity to do their best work and explore global opportunities. Consequently, it is customers who benefit, with nothing but the very best.

Digital-first approach

In today’s day and age, as technology disrupts business models to replace them with new, more innovative ones, a digital-first approach is a must, for brands that aim to be among the most preferred ones.

With over three decades of expertise, and a number of proprietary digital tools and software like ECU360, myCFS, Gati Genie WhatsApp Chatbot, and more, to deliver unmatched ease and convenience to customers, organizations like Allcargo have truly emerged frontrunners. What keeps them going is the continued tech focus through Centres of Excellence in data science and analytics, use of automation to save resources, and optimization of the entire network, systems and processes through the use of the right technology and collaborations with start-ups on niche solutions and requirements.

Committed to growth and sustainability

Having always chosen purpose over profitability, and with focused commitment towards establishing world-class Environmental, Social, and Governance standards, Allcargo reinforces its position of being a brand with a heart.

Its inclusive social welfare projects that have impacted more than 360,000 lives till date, environment protection initiatives like planting more than 810,000 trees and aiming to plant a million, as well as efforts to integrate sustainability into warehouses and facilities, add to the reasons why customers prefer it over others.


It is a culmination of determined and dedicated efforts, backed by unwavering trust and support from its customers, that have led to Allcargo’s achievement of being recognized among the Most Preferred Brands of 2022. With its vision, mission and core values as a roadmap, the organization is geared to continue steering ahead, towards bold and ambitious targets of sustainable growth.