ECU Sales Accelerator mobile app augments efficiency for ECU Worldwide

ECU Sales Accelerator mobile sales app

The future is digital – the proof is in the numbers: from 2022 to 2029 digital logistics revenue is expected to grow by 21.5%, reaching nearly USD 99.16 billion. But to get to the magic billions, one needs to integrate digital processes as part of the SOPs of logistics organizations, today. This is exactly what the world leader in less than container load (LCL) consolidation, ECU Worldwide, is doing as it fortifies its arsenal of proprietary digital tools with its ECU Sales Accelerator, an all-new mobile sales application for teams across 180 countries. 

Designed by sales professionals keeping sales requirements in mind, the app is designed to boost efficiency and productivity, as it furthers the organization’s sales acceleration and digital transformation. Made on the cutting edge of technology, the app offers unmatched power, precision, and convenience.

Features that drive efficiency

Coming on the heels of ECU360, ECU Worldwide’s state-of-the-art customer facing platform that enables global cargo movement at the click of the button across 180 countries, the easy-to-use ECU Sales Accelerator has been developed in line with the organization’s digital-first agenda. It consolidates diverse data points and enables the sales team to access essential information at one go


Easy-to-navigate, light, modern interfaceReal-time dashboards to design performance-oriented action plansAutomated alerts for efficient sales beat planning
Overview of account performance and new opportunitiesResource optimization to enable customizationCompatibility with Android and iOS operating systems

“Empowering our team members to eliminate redundancies, automate, and have more opportunities to design ingenious solutions, has kept us ahead, and continues to do so. In the constantly evolving, post-pandemic world, we are excited to fasten our digital pace and arm our sales team with unique, best-in-class tools, that have immense potential to be gamechangers”, says Dmitriy Ioffe, Chief Commercial Officer, ECU Worldwide.

What’s in it for customers?

Everything! Technology-driven solutions provide benefits for all involved but would be meaningless, if customers do not feel the impact. In line with the customer-centric approach of the leading logistics powerhouse, the ECU Sales Accelerator saves time, resources and effort. It gives the team more flexibility to understand customer requirements better and focus on customization.

Further, the robust tool can facilitate customer interactions to be timely, focused and aligned to business needs, making it a much more enriching experience.


With a 360-degree implementation of digital technology, the latest addition being the ECU Sales Accelerator, ECU Worldwide is at the forefront of ensuring the digital future for global multimodal transport and logistics, that is already here today.