Allcargo and Gati-KWE – powering MSMEs to grow and flourish

Never underestimate the potential of enterprise. Being essential to the economy, Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) are a potent vehicle of growth, but for India to capitalise on them they need to grow fast to become large enterprises capable of supporting their surrounding ecosystem. Giving them a boost was the second edition of the MSME Investor, Export & Innovation Summit held on 20th April 2022, in New Delhi, India, with leading integrated logistics service providers Allcargo Logistics and Gati-KWE as Gold Partners.

Although they are yet to see the scale and infrastructure of large businesses, the approximately 6.3 crore MSMEs, that dot India’s landscape, contribute a significant proportion to India’s total exports at 40%. MSMEs in the manufacturing sector account for 6.11% of the GDP while the services sector contributes 24.63% of the GDP. In addition to providing employment to over 111 million individuals, they also help industrialise rural areas at minimal costs.

Powering entrepreneurial ambitions

The contribution of MSMEs to the country’s economy has not gone unnoticed. India’s FY 22 budget witnessed a significant focus on the sector, over a 100% increase in allocation from INR 7,572 crores (USD 1.03 billion) in the previous year to INR 15,700 crores (USD 2.14 billion).

Moreover, with the direct to consumer (D2C) business model slated to be a market of USD 100 billion by 2025, it will create significant opportunities for entrepreneurship across the board.

By partnering this summit, India’s largest integrated logistics services provider, Allcargo Logistics, and India’s legendary express distribution company, Gati-KWE, took a step to give a boost to the hopes and dreams of India’s entrepreneurs.

An opportunity like no other

Having a unique format of the conference, exhibition and awards, provided a rare opportunity for MSMEs and start-ups to gain knowledge, showcase their strengths and also be recognised. The event was graced by Chief Guest Shri. Narayan Rane – Honourable Minister of MSME – Government of India.

With participants drawn from 16 states and sectors as diverse as investment to agriculture, hospitality and even healthcare, it proved to be a rich atmosphere to learn and share ideas. Moreover, it served as a cost-effective sales and marketing platform the MSMEs could leverage to scale up and showcase their key innovations to national markets.

The second edition of the #Time2Leap National Award recognised the efforts of MSMEs in the areas of innovation and sustainability. Those MSME’s offering eco-friendly services and products were honoured.

Multimodal transport – the need of the hour

From the Allcargo Group, Mr. Swarup Negi, National Sales Head, SME, Gati-KWE, shared his thoughts on the significance of multimodal transport, especially in a post-COVID world.

“There is no doubt that logistics, like financial services, is necessary for enterprise. MSMEs are in need of such services all the more. The requirement is not and never has been only for one mode of transport. The pandemic only emphasised that. That’s where Allcargo Group and specifically Gati-KWE’s specialised services for SMEs helps them take their businesses to new frontiers,” says Mr. Negi.

When it comes to experienced experts like Gati-KWE, multimodal product offerings namely express delivery, domestic air freight along with supply chain management solutions, enhance the ease of doing business, especially for SMEs, who benefit from the extensive presence in more than 19,800 PIN Codes in 735 of India’s 739 districts.

With increasing consumption driven by e-commerce in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, MSMEs get the perfect logistics partner to tap into these relatively new markets.

Further, they can also capitalise on integrated solutions and complementary services like CFS facilities, ocean freight, chemical warehousing and supply chain solutions, international air freight, offered by Allcargo Group and benefit from new age digital logistics solutions, a network spanning 180 countries, and more to scale up their business with seamless logistics.


Considering the significant role logistics plays in building the economy, it was definitely in line with their intent to contribute to India’s growth story, that Allcargo Logistics and Gati-KWE partnered such a platform for opportunities and an ideas exchange.

Quick Bytes

With approximately 6.3 crore MSMEs in India they are the backbone of the country’s economy and require support to achieve their true potential.
Allcargo Logistics and Gati-KWE were the Gold Partners for the second edition of the MSME Investor, Export & Innovation Summit, which took place on 20th April 2022, in New Delhi, India.
A cost-effective sales and marketing platform for nationwide MSMEs and start-ups to expand their business horizon, it offered opportunities for learning, networking and for SMEs to showcase their strengths.
SMEs seeking to grow their business can leverage Gati-KWE’s express delivery, domestic air freight along with supply chain management solutions, to enhance the ease of doing business. They benefit from Gati-KWE’s extensive presence across more than 19,800 PIN Codes in 735 of India's 739 districts.