Tracking cargo made easier with ‘myCFS’

As our world gets increasingly digitalized, businesses realize the importance of leveraging digital technologies to improve performance, outcomes and enhance customer experience. Studies suggest that the spending on digital transformation is expected to grow steadily, to reach USD 2.8 trillion by 2025.

In keeping with the thrust towards adoption of new-age tools and technology, business processes in the logistics industry are going digital too. Leading integrated logistics services providers like Allcargo Logistics are leveraging them to serve customers better and cater to their need for efficient, quick, reliable, responsive processes available 24/7.

Contact-less efficiency to boost EXIM trade

For businesses that move cargo to and from countries across the globe, world-class CFS facilities spanning Mumbai (JNPT), Mundra, Chennai, Kolkata, and Dadri are of significant advantage.

Considering that CFS operations, with documentation, customs formalities and other processes are quite complex, businesses often tend to rely on the expertise of experienced CFS-ICD players. And in today’s day and age, they have come to expect cutting-edge digital solutions that save time and enhance efficiency.

Here’s where ‘myCFS’, the customer-friendly automated service tool from Allcargo stands out as a great example. With zero contact CFS services and the ability to answer all queries and provide information related to Allcargo’s CFS offerings, the portal is just what today’s customers need.

Real-time updates

Since ‘myCFS’ is available anytime, anywhere and on any device, customers can easily track their shipments and get updates with just a few clicks from the comfort of their home or office.

Automated query handling ensures that customers can get real-time updates on their cargo, even on the go. This eliminates the need for customers to call or even visit in-person to know the status of their cargo.

One-stop solution

By offering a seamless tracking experience, ‘myCFS’ has emerged as a one-stop solution for enhanced efficiency and faster turnaround times. From access to advanced information, the ability to complete documentation online, and receive reports and real-time updates – everything is now available for customers at their fingertips.

Key details of the cargo are only a few clicks away, much like that food order which gets delivered to your home from your favourite restaurant.

Most importantly, in addition to ease and convenience of operations, ‘myCFS’ offers customers peace of mind. They can schedule, share advance information and plan operations much better and make the most of this instant access to one of India’s widest CFS networks.


In an increasingly digital world, customers expect and demand superior experiences in their B2B engagements too, much like they do in their personal lives. Digital tools such as myCFS play a big role in bridging this experience gap.

Quick Bytes

Launched recently by Allcargo Logistics, ‘myCFS’ is a digital portal for quick, customer-centric CFS services.
The portal helps customers track their cargo from the comfort of their home or office and get real-time updates.
myCFS has been designed to answer all queries and provide information related to CFS services, thus cutting down on manual interaction, eliminating the need for multiple levels of coordination and visits to the CFS.
As a one-stop solution for enhanced efficiency and faster turnaround times, it delivers impeccable CFS services and peace of mind to customers.
‘myCFS’ offers a wide range of features apart from real time updates on customers’ cargo and even lets customers share advance information and complete documentation online.