Helping India move

Thought transportation services were only for big businesses? Think again! With Gati-KWE’S special direct to consumer (D2C) services, students, adventurers, art aficionados and just about anyone can send their movables across the country, assured of the professionalism and quality guaranteed for big businesses.

The unparalleled, deep reach into the country, ingenuity, and desire to serve excellence to customers has made Gati-KWE the preferred choice for India’s businesses, who leverage the express distribution king’s services to expand their customer base and boost their businesses. However, the maverick services of Gati-KWE are not just available to big businesses, but also for individuals who wish to send their movables in a safe and reliable manner across the country.

D2C – A winning proposition

These D2C services hold many benefits for customers. The first and most prominent of which would be the trust and reliability of one of India’s premier express distribution companies. After all, some of the biggest names in automobiles, pharmaceuticals and e-commerce use Gati-KWE to distribute their goods. Plus, the ready support and accountability that arises from a first-hand interaction is another big factor weighing the scales in favour of an experienced logistics company. Without an intermediary and with Gati-KWE’s on-point customer service, getting guidance and proactive support is easier than ever, especially with Gati Genie, the WhatsApp chatbot, who can help with inquiries, booking pick-up and drops, and provide track-and-trace options for packages.

Online payment is another digital offering that makes it easier for individuals to easily execute the transactions.

Maverick services

So what are the unique services offered to individuals, by Gati-KWE?

  • Laabh: delivers benefits for individuals as well as small & medium enterprises by transporting non-commercial items such as household equipment, home appliances, etc. across India.
  • Surface Lite: If gifts, printing materials, small household goods and other things need to be sent, Surface Lite offers flexibility like no other, with goods as light as 3 kg and below which are transported at convenient rates.
  • Premium Flexilite: Going a step further is the Premium Flexilite offering for time-bound and cost-effective deliveries which utilises Air Express for an all-inclusive freight rate to deliver goods in 24 hours/48 hours. Combined with Gati-KWE’s unmatched multimodal network, last mile delivery is also possible for all the metro & non metro locations.
  • Art Express: a truly unique service offered by very few in the market – private collectors, antique dealers, galleries, corporate buyers, fine arts specialists, interior designers, artists and art-lovers utilise this service to have their precious pieces of art transported for personal or professional purposes.
  • Bike Express: This one’s for all the adventurers who love their wheels, as long as it’s not more than two! Bike Express safely transports two-wheelers across the length & breadth of the country.
  • Student Express: Those pursuing their studies away from home can rely on Gati-KWE’s services to comfortably ship their books, guitars, clothes, etc. – their little piece of home – to their student’s residence. In a move to encourage students to not let distance come in the way of their studies, a special discount of 15% is also offered.

Gati-KWE’s nationwide network in almost every corner of the country, makes transporting these items all the more convenient and of course, the real time delivery information through email and SMS updates provides a seamless experience from start to finish. Plus, belonging to the Allcargo Group of companies, the security and trust of Gati-KWE is all the more fortified, so one can get the peace of mind they need when transporting their personal effects.


With a clear focus on providing excellent professional services to individuals who have varied transportation requirements, Gati-KWE’s various D2C offerings are here to provide world-class services to customers.

Quick Bytes

In addition to being a leading express logistics company, Gati-KWE also offers D2C services, so that even individuals can leverage the company’s expertise to transport their personal effects.
Specially designed packages help students, bikers, artists and art-lovers, and those who wish to send small packages as light as 3 kg across the country.
Customers benefit from a seamless experience bereft of any intermediaries.
The digital offerings such as online payments, email and SMS updates and most importantly a WhatsApp chatbot that enables one to make inquiries, book pick-up and drops, and provide track-and-trace options for packages make the experience seamless.
Gati-KWE’s nationwide network enables delivery deep into the heart and across the length and breadth of India.