ECU360 taking global logistics to the next level

Digital logistics is the way ahead for the future. And global logistics services providers like ECU Worldwide are already breaking away from the traditional mode of operations, to give further impetus to the digital transformation of global cargo movements. The streamlining of costs, processes, and operations as well as enhanced visibility through robust digital logistics platforms like ECU360 is proving to be of great advantage to customers and freight forwarders alike.

Going beyond bookings

ECU360 has a host of features and benefits like instant quotes, quick bookings, access to reports and analytics, visibility with track and trace, etc. It has an added advantage that allows freight forwarders the opportunity to digitalize their operations. Using the different tools and solutions offered by ECU360, they can boost their sales process, and customer service benchmarks and drive internal efficiencies. 

By democratizing technology and making it accessible to forwarders and customers, ECU360 and ECU Worldwide make an impact on the logistics ecosystem as a whole.   

Meeting specific customer needs

When it comes to offering seamless logistics in 180 countries and door-to-door deliveries in more than 50 markets, there are multiple factors that need to be considered. “One of the main reasons why ECU360 has emerged as a preferred digital platform is that there are constant updates based on feedback from users.” – says Mr. Vikram Varma, Head of Product Marketing at ECU Worldwide.

On-ground insights on customers’ and forwarders’ requirements are worked on to introduce new services, one of the recent ones being insurance.

It is no surprise then, that ECU360 today, has a 90% retention rate and is regularly rated above 95% on its service level scores by customers.

Continuous enhancement for customer delight

Adding to the ease and convenience of global logistics, ECU360 already has services like insurance integrated in addition to ocean freight and has a few more important ones to be launched soon. 

With a complete revamp of the user interface and industry-first features, the digital logistics portal would also include more business-side insights for customers, thus allowing them to make quick, informed decisions. 

Recent top features making ECU360 a go-to for global customers

  • Customers in USA can now book insurance for cargo movements through ECU360
  • Instant EXW / DAP quotes available for major regions across Europe, Asia and Americas
  • Booking Reference Number can be generated instantly on ECU360
  • Shipments can be planned well in advance using the ‘Advance Sailing Schedule’ option
  • Using Smart Templates helps eliminate repetitive manual data entry