Discovering strong strategic partnerships with Gati-KWE

Leading express distribution and air freight service providers like GATI-KWE can’t afford to rest on their laurels when it comes to delivering excellence to customers.

Along with enhancing efficiency, optimizing operations and providing innovative, customized solutions, organizations like Gati-KWE tend to focus on adopting new digital tools and technology as well as expanding their network to reinforce their market leadership. Operating a network that spans the length and breadth of India not only expands Gati-KWE’s reach but also gives entrepreneurs in India the opportunity to join in as franchisees or channel partners and grow their business.

By becoming a franchisee partner of an established market leader, entrepreneurs benefit from better strategic expertise, resources and tools, digitally-enabled offerings, and the end customers’ trust that comes as a result of the association with a strong corporate brand name.

Finding the right strategic partner to become a franchisee for can be challenging, but not if all these boxes have been ticked.

Unmatched business understanding and experience 

A strategic partner should be one whose expertise the franchisee can gain from. For example, when it comes to express distribution, retaining logistics and air freight, a player like Gati-KWE is ideal with its industry experts and leadership team, renowned solutions in e-commerce, retail, and other areas, as well as end-to-end offerings with a digital-first approach. It assures cutting-edge technology, and flexibility, enabling franchisee partners to adapt to the changing economic and market factors that impact logistics networks.

Meeting the digital consumer 

With WhatsApp chatbot, Gati Genie assisting the automated rate, transit time calculation, real-time inventory, and data visibility through track and trace, Gati-KWE has always been ahead in the game of bolstering business with digitalization. Living in an age that speaks volumes on IoT and AI, choosing a strategic partner that has a digital-first approach and technology at its core infrastructure, is ideal for franchisees for it helps them to digitalize their own business and also meet the increasing expectations of their end customers with speed and efficacy. 

Commitment to improvement and modernization

A business that is future-ready takes a competitive position in the market and is always improving its own technology and services. This is the kind of strategic partner that can truly create value for its franchisees. The advantage of working with an expert like Gati-KWE that operates a nationwide network is that there is always a continuous communication and feedback loop, to keep franchisee partners informed of the product roadmap, and also provide solutions to their biggest needs. 

One platform and one point of integration

Market leaders are approaching single vendors with interconnected capabilities, avoiding technical complexities and reducing the chances of systems and processes facing disruptions. 

The new B2B sector has been moving towards one technology, one solution, aiming to centralize management of all supply chain-related operations and relationships.

So, for franchisees looking to make headway into the B2B space, a strategic partner like Gati-KWE works well, since it has already built up a robust organization-wide ERP system and in collaboration with Allcargo Group, has the capabilities to offer end-to-end, integrated logistics. 


A true strategic partner can drive more growth, reduce operational spending, and future-proof order fulfilment, setting the stage for its franchisee to grow and prosper.