Training and empowering the youths of tomorrow

Brian Herbert once wrote: 

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice.’’ 

His thoughts pivot around a central and profound observation, that is learning. Every time we mention skill training and learning, it is important to remember that our greatest assets and our whole existence are centered around ‘training and learning of the people, of the community.’
Skills enhance the strongest attributes, innate in every individual. Although an old belief, it holds true even today and would continue to be relevant in the years to come. 
Over the years, the need for skill training and learning has grown significantly. With the world population growing enormously and causing economic and food crises that lead to social inequality, developing skills and enhancing employability have assumed much greater importance, especially for the more vulnerable sections of society. 
Even as we collectively achieve accolades and victories, the picture of success remains incomplete if the youth is left behind.

Logistics skills to enable better lives

The logistics industry in India employs around 22 million people, which is expected to grow in the next couple of years. Yet, there is a severe scarcity of trained workers who are well-versed with industry-specific skills.

Key stakeholders of the logistics industry like Allcargo Group have trained a number of supply chain employees across the country, in partnership with various government bodies, associations and NGOs, to upskill the youth and bring them into the mainstream. With a commitment to providing relevant industry training and knowledge, they have helped create a pool of talent skilled in logistics operations and documentation. Not only has this helped bridge the burgeoning skill gap of the logistics industry, but also created employment opportunities for those who truly need and can benefit from them.

Some remarkable skill development initiatives

Allcargo JNPT Skill Development Center 

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, India’s first Centre of Excellence in Logistics was established, with 5,000 professionals, partnered by the Logistics Sector Skill Council under the guidelines of the Central Government of India. 

Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) by Flipkart

Flipkart’s Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) has been set up to carry out appropriate industry training and disseminate information and resources that can help the country develop a pool of experienced supply chain operations personnel. 

Building on the vital attributes

Skill development encloses several vital attributes, which include identifying one’s lack of skills and also enabling the youths to develop those skills to achieve a further goal.

By creating such access to quality skill development programs and courses, organizations can empower individuals to increase their employability, enhance career prospects, and achieve strong personal growth. On the other hand, when organizations recruit skilled youth, they benefit from the productivity, efficiency and self-confidence that are a result of updated and relevant knowledge to work well in the job and make a meaningful contribution to the industry and country.

What sets initiatives like ASDC apart is the holistic experience and learning, which involves classroom training and days of on-the-job apprenticeship for warehouses and supply chain facilities. In addition to imparting knowledge on various facets of warehousing and supply chain management, the youth are also trained on aspects like soft skills, safety and compliance – knowledge that is likely to hold them in good stead irrespective of the organization or sector they choose to work in.


India can truly unlock the potential of its youth through large-scale skilling and upskilling initiatives to reap the benefits of this demographic dividend. 
Having created one of the most efficient and digitally-enabled supply chains in the country, Allcargo Group has taken on the role of a market leader and responsible corporate citizen, committed to bridging the skill gap of the industry, empowering the youth of rural and tribal localities to aspire for a better life, thus leading to creating a wholesome development of the workforce and brighter future for India.