Great teams build great workplaces, and it shows!

With social media offering its users a plethora of platforms to engage with each other and express opinions, reviews and feedback about anything under the sun, it comes as no surprise that 93% consumers are likely to read reviews of a product before purchasing it. And as workplaces get hybrid, digital and dynamic, especially in the post-pandemic era, employees are taking to specialised social media platforms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Comparably, etc, to talk about their employers. 

This has the potential to work out very well for leading global names like Allcargo Logistics with high ratings on Glassdoor, because talented candidates are more likely to join the organization owing to their trust in the positive reviews of existing employees.  

Research quoted in Forbes states that content shared by employees gets eight times more engagement than content shared by the brands themselves and employee advocacy can increase brand reach by 561%. Consequently, this can significantly bolster the organization’s talent pipeline and recruitment efforts.

An exceptional reputation on a platform like Glassdoor adds to an organization’s brand value and tremendously strengthens the employer brand because of the credibility and transparency associated with the site, owing to its feature of allowing anonymous reviews across a series of workplace aspects right from Compensation and Benefits to Culture and Values, Diversity, Work-Life Balance, Management, and more.

A trusted employer brand 

Allcargo Logistics has an overall rating of 4.1 stars (on a scale of 5) on Glassdoor. 

Those who have worked for and interacted with the organization have also rated it 4.1 on Culture and Values and 4 on Diversity and Inclusion (both on a scale of 5). This is especially noteworthy, in keeping with the fact that logistics is considered to be a male-dominated industry with higher gender disparity and relatively fewer women leaders across the board.

With the rating having moved up immensely from 3.4 to 4.1 in the past year, this also happens to be the year when the organization has received maximum number of 5-star and 4-star ratings, from a number of respondents on different factors.

Allcargo has emerged as a sought-after company to work for among its peers and competitors, with some of the key ones receiving scores between 3 and 4 on a scale of 5.

Another testament to the love that Allcargo’s employees have for the organization is its Great Place to Work certification with an ever-highest score of 83 and a huge jump from its earlier score of 77, that it received in 2022.

Going the extra mile for employees

An organization receiving high ratings from employees even when sheltered by the cloak of anonymity that a platform like Glassdoor provides, is not a one-off achievement.

Rather, it is the outcome of planned strategic decisions and impeccable implementation, of systems and policies that truly treat employees as the assets that they are.

Whether it is opportunities for talented employees to explore global careers, giving employees the opportunity to contribute to organization-wide transformation and digitalization projects, acting as a responsible corporate citizen carrying out numerous sustainability and social welfare initiatives, often with enthusiastic participation from employees, and offering free, fair compensation with aspirational rewards and recognitions, Allcargo enables its employees to give their best.

Through initiatives like its Restart program that enables women who have had breaks in their career to ease back into the workplace, Velocity global management trainee program that gives talented students from renowned educational institutions to build a career in logistics, and hiring top performers from sectors other than logistics, Allcargo ensures an organizational culture enriched by very diverse perspectives.

The company’s long-timers who have started as management trainees and grown on to lead business verticals and key regions across the globe, reflect the organization’s belief in the potential of the youth and constant effort to nurture leaders of the future. 


What gives Allcargo’s employee-centric approach a strong foundation is its visionary management, Board and leadership team that comprises experts with rich industry experience and global exposure.

Over its journey of nearly three decades from an entrepreneurial venture to a USD 2.6 billion global logistics powerhouse with operations in 180 countries, Allcargo has taken an approach of professionalization, bringing in seasoned experts across all levels, and that seems to have played an important role in its success, especially when it comes to going digital-first and reporting its best financial performance ever.