Going door-to-door across the globe

The customer of today believes in and demands efficiency. Things have to be quick, processes have to be minimal and the job should still get done. That’s why customers rely on global logistics leaders like ECU Worldwide who have proprietary, state-of-the art digital logistics tools like ECU360 to keep their cargo moving around the world in just a few clicks. And true to its customer-centric approach, the world leader in Less than Container Load (LCL) consolidation has gone one step further to offer door-to-door deliveries in more than 50 global markets.

The door-to-door feature on ECU360 offers the next level of efficiency for customers looking for global supply chain solutions. Customers gain from a smooth experience of end-to-end cargo movement. The convenience, cost-effectiveness, comfort, and reliability, all add value to their operations and logistics management.

Ease and convenience to simplify supply chains

In addition to the ease of moving cargo across the world in just a few clicks, the door-to-door feature has reduced at least two levels of supply chain coordination. Customers no longer need to find vendors for their first and last mile delivery in both origin and destination countries, which they had to do in port-to-port delivery. The entire process of calling multiple vendors for quotes for pick and delivery has been eliminated.

Plus they also benefit from better costs that come with having one vendor pick up, ship, and deliver to the destination of their choice. What’s more, they get an all-inclusive quote in real-time to move their cargo door-to-door across the world in a matter of a few seconds. Door-to-door also simplifies processes from a financial compliance perspective, as customers get the convenience of a single invoice with one partner.

Unmatched reach, unparalleled service

A significant advantage for customers using door-to-door services is standardised customer service throughout the journey. In addition to the complete visibility of cargo movement around the globe, with the track and trace feature of ECU360, the expertise in handling all different types of cargo assures customers of safe, seamless deliveries at all times. With ECU Worldwide’s network operating in 180 countries, customers receive consistent support backed by sound local expertise.

“Our goal is to offer customers a first class door-to-door LCL service. Every LCL shipment starts with a pick up and ends with a delivery, and we have the integrated strengths built over 30 years of experience to serve our customers with highly competitive and efficient trucking services which merge seamlessly with our LCL services. By leveraging ECU360 and technology innovation we provide customers with instant trucking rates for domestic moves and also trucking solutions overseas. This unique value proposition makes the process of handling and managing such moves simpler and efficient,” says Tim Tudor, Chief Executive Officer, ECU Worldwide.

Further, with door-to-door deliveries being offered in more than 50 global markets, customers can truly bring the world to their business.

Door-to-door benefits for customers in a nutshell

  1. Single Vendor | Single point of contact | One time booking input
  2. One stop advanced portal for all costs and shipping information.
  3. Available through ECU360 – one platform for all logistics needs: https://ecu360.com/#/login
  4. Instant quotes: D2D bookings for over 50 markets under 60 seconds.
  5. Visibility through integrated Track and Trace
  6. Saves time and resource


ECU360’s door-to-door feature has been conceptualised to offer customers an incredible combination of cutting-edge technology, simplified processes and a global reach, to add to their competitive advantage, help them manage their global supply chains better, and significantly boost their business.

Quick Bytes

Standardised customer service throughout the journey is one of the key benefits for customers who opt for door-to-door services.
In keeping with its customer-centric approach, the world leader in LCL, ECU Worldwide, offers instant quotes and quick bookings for door-to-door deliveries in more than 50 global markets.
The door-to-door feature reduces at least two levels of supply chain coordination – for first and last mile deliveries.
Customers benefit from enhanced efficiencies that come with having one vendor handle end-to-end cargo movements and can also get all-inclusive quotes in real-time, in just few clicks with ECU360.
The convenience of a single invoice with one partner helps save time and reduce mundane tasks.