ECU360: Let’s move the world, together

Digital technology has changed the world. It has changed the way business is done and it has changed the behaviour of consumers like never before. Realizing the disruptive potential of digital technology earlier on, leading logistics players like ECU Worldwide are already harnessing its capabilities by going digital and adopting various technologies along with proprietary digital tools like their state-of-the-art digital logistics platform ECU360.

ECU360 was conceptualised and developed at a time when logistics was still considered to be largely ‘physical’. The decision to go digital, while a logical move for the world’s Less than Container Load (LCL) consolidation leader, has today taken the logistics industry by storm.

Revolutionising logistics

Earlier, the entire process of cargo movement was coordinated manually. So if one needed to ship cargo from Venezuela to Egypt, one would need to traditionally have contacts with freight forwarders in both countries to coordinate, or know someone who knows someone who can get quotes from shippers in both countries. Multiple calls would have to be made to get quotes along with repeated calls to track the movement of cargo. But all this has changed. “ECU360 has enabled forwarders to simplify the process of moving cargo. Our customers can access quotes door-to-door in seconds, and are able to book, track and manage their shipments though one easy to use platform. This in turn enables them to save valuable time and resource, giving their clients a faster and more efficient service along with a competitive edge over their peers”, says Ian McCarthy, Regional Head of Digital Sales, ECU Worldwide.

The use of cutting edge technology, such as API and EDI to simplify cargo movement revolutionised the way logistics is done in 180 countries. Customers, now get full visibility of their cargo movements, plus door-to-door service in over 50 markets around the globe, with the edge of a superior user interface.

Digital first – the way logistics should be

“The exciting thing is the penetration of ECU360 in different corners of the world, even where digital penetration may not be that high. For instance, a small freight forwarder in Guatemala or Uganda can utilise this app to seamlessly power supply chains and keep businesses running not only in their areas, but also in other parts of the world. In that sense ECU360 is democratising technology in an industry that was slow to change. As a market leader aiming to lead the digital transformation, we are proud of it” says Vaishnav Shetty, Chief Digital Officer, ECU Worldwide.

Making this digital transformation possible is a passionate team of highly specialised tech enthusiasts, data scientists, web developers, technologists, UI-UX experts and logistics veterans who drive the digital operations at ECU Worldwide. Their fascination for both technology and finding logistics solutions to boost global trade and supply chains pushes them to keep looking for better digital solutions.

Consequently, this means more features and upgrades in the pipeline, in addition to the existing ones like instant quotes, quick bookings, easy access to sailing schedules, reports and analytics that are already making global cargo movements a seamless, convenient experience for customers.


ECU Worldwide’s agenda to be digital first, is significantly impacting businesses across the world as ECU360 leverages the power of technology to make the world a smaller place and live up to ECU Worldwide’s motto: Geography Simplified.

Quick Bytes

ECU Worldwide realized the disruptive potential of digital technology early on and created its state-of-the-art digital logistics platform, ECU360.
ECU360 is designed to save time and enhance efficiency of global cargo movements.
The use of cutting edge technology, such as API and EDI has simplified cargo movement and revolutionised logistics.
A passionate team of highly specialised tech enthusiasts, comprising data scientists, web developers, technologists, and UI-UX experts drive the global adoption of ECU360.
In keeping with its customer-centric approach, ECU360 is being constantly enhanced basis feedback received, to continue adding more features and upgrades in line with customer demands.