Adding vibes of joy & convenience to India’s festive season

As the much awaited festive season comes close, India is gripped in a flurry of activity. While for consumers, the action starts much closer to the event, manufacturers across India are looking to move their goods to their markets ahead of the shopping spree that will soon grip the country. And India’s premier express distribution companies like Gati-KWE are all set to be the bridge between manufacturers and dealers to ultimately deliver happiness to consumers across India.

In India, the festive countdown has already begun with Janmashtami celebrations across the country and Ganesh Chathurthi in the western region being a prelude to the ‘big’ festivals of Dussehra, Durga Puja, and Diwali in the month of October. Traditionally this period has been associated with increased consumption across sectors. The arrival of strategically-timed annual e-commerce festive sales a few years back, have only added to the festive shopping frenzy in India. While the end user only sees the final product either delivered home or in the store, what they don’t see is the army of logistics staff deployed by leading logistics firms, such as Gati-KWE, who have been powering the festive goods supply chain for months in advance to help them soak in the festive cheer.

Helping India celebrate and grow

As with any festive season, a burst of economic activity takes place with manufacturers gearing up to meet the excess demand. By now, raw materials have been procured, and items manufactured, but without the right logistics support to distribute the goods across the country for sale, businesses won’t be able to monetize their goods. This is where Gati-KWE steps in with its unmatched reach across the country, backed by over thirty years of experience. India’s premier express distribution company has for years now been distributing smiles and happiness across the length and breadth of the country during this all important festive time.

Strengthened by its latest digital offerings: Genie, the WhatsApp chatbot; digital upgrades to the call centre for better customer service; the customer portal; digital payments gateway and most importantly a commitment to serve customers better, Gati-KWE is all set to deliver an excellent business delivery experience for customers this festive season.

The perfect partner for SMEs and E-commerce

Coming as it is after the ferocity of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lull of the monsoons, the festive season will bring relief to the Indian economy, and give it the much-needed boost it requires with an uptick in consumption. Gati-KWE’s offerings for Small and Medium Enterprises will enable seamless logistics and convenience for businesses even in smaller towns like Surat, Solapur and Indore which are manufacturing hubs for sarees, bed sheets and children’s garments respectively, to reach demand-rich markets thereby translating into more profits for them.

E-commerce, which has expanded its capacity to fill in the gap of physical shopping experiences during the pandemic, will most likely see a surge in business as demand swells, like last year. According to a report by IBEF, e-commerce festive season sales during the same period last year, saw sales of USD 8.3 billion (about Rs. 58,000 crore), up 65% from 2019’s USD 5 billion (Rs 35,000 crore). To meet a similarly high demand this year as well, just delivering goods won’t be sufficient. Rather delivering them quickly and safely even to remote locations will be the gold standard for logistics companies catering to e-commerce customers. Who better than Gati-KWE, with its customer centric approach, coverage spanning the whole of India and ingenious supply chain solutions, along with the experience of having successfully partnered e-commerce giants before, to offer an unparalleled edge for e-commerce businesses.

Moreover, safety is an important factor to consider given the pandemic and that festive times often see greater physical movement of people. Gati-KWE is known to place a high premium on the safety of not just shipments but also its employees, cargo and equipment handlers, drivers, customers and all stakeholders, which in turn translates into reliability and customer confidence.


As India gets ready to celebrate the festive season, businesses across the spectrum, large, small and medium and e-commerce are looking for a much-needed boostto bounce back, which would only be possible with the support of seasoned logistics providers like Gati-KWE whose focus is to help businesses augment their profits with steady, customized supply chain solutions.

Quick Bytes

India experiences a boom in consumption during the festive season of October - November.
To help businesses capitalize on this precious window manufacturers need robust logistics, the kind offered by Gati-KWE, to distribute their goods in the market.
Gati-KWE has for years been delivering smiles across India through reliable supply chain solutions and its coverage spanning the whole of India.
With experience of catering to SMEs and e-commerce businesses Gati-KWE is the perfect partner to deliver happiness this festive season.
Gati-KWE’s high levels of safety translates into reliability and customer confidence, especially during the pandemic.