ECU360: Powering excellence in cross trade

Who wouldn’t want to have the convenience of controlling their cross trade cargo movement with just the click of a few buttons? For businesses all over the world, ECU Worldwide, the global leader in Less than Container Load (LCL) cargo movements offers this and much more through its proprietary, state-of-the-art tool, ECU360.

Cognizant of the changes likely to take place in world trade in the 21st century, ECU Worldwide placed its bet on digital technology to be the game changer much before the global pandemic accelerated its pace to a whole new level. Accordingly, the company launched ECU360 – a state-of-the-art logistics platform envisioned to be a disruptor in the way logistics is done.

And disrupt it has. Among the very many other benefits of having an API and EDI integrated tool redefining global cargo movement, cross trade shipments are an unparalleled benefit for freight forwarders looking to offer a seamless experience to businesses and customers.

Cross trade – benefits unbound

Globalization and offshoring has made cross trade a possibility and today more and more businesses are looking to leverage it to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and provide the best and swiftest service to their customers. By not mandating the goods to be in the same country as the seller, cross trade eliminates one level of supply chain management to deliver quicker results.

As e-commerce booms, more than 40% of online sales are taking place on international marketplaces and in 2020 alone, over 55% of global online orders were from another country. Consequently, there is a growing demand for cross trade and seamless cargo transportation that transcends geographical boundaries.

To leverage the benefits of such cross trade where the goods, the seller and the buyer are in diverse geographies, the cargo movement would need to be handled efficiently and smartly, else the benefits of cross trade would be lost due to administrative oversight and lack of control and visibility over the cargo movement. Simplifying this whole process is ECU360 with its door-to-door service for cross trade for which it provides instant quotes.

“As developing countries focus on building their manufacturing prowess, businesses are re-routing their supply chains to lower manufacturing costs. The e-commerce boom, propelled by COVID-19, has also expanded the geographical frontiers of supply chain. To meet this demand in a simple and convenient manner, ECU360 gives quotes for cross-trade within seconds, and has even developed an official global process to streamline procedures across the world. It’s an unmatched experience. For instance, try booking a flight including pick-up and drop-off at home or at the hotel all together within seven seconds. You won’t be able to. But ECU offers exactly this for cargo in over 50 countries,” says Philip Blumenthal, Chief Transformation Officer, ECU Worldwide.

The glocal advantage

While a global network has opened up for business partners, with ECU360’s door-to-door services in more than 50 global markets and ECU Worldwide’s presence in 180 countries, they also benefit from the local advantage. Expert professionals and teams at the origin as well as destination help create unmatched synergies for global cargo shipments.

Due to ECU Worldwide’s extensive reach across the world made accessible through a robust, powerful tool like ECU360, business partners can work with the local ECU Worldwide representatives to handle their shipments; raise their bills locally and enjoy a truly smooth and simplified experience as they get billed one invoice in their local currency.


Essentially, business partners benefit from having one partner from start to finish, resulting in increased convenience, reliability and an assured success rate as ECU360 uses big data and machine learning to crunch through complex data from around the world to provide a simple, quick and effective solution for customers.

Quick Bytes

Cross trade eliminates one level of supply chain management to drive efficiency, reduce costs and boost business, but requires robust logistics to be truly profitable.
To mitigate the complexities of global supply chains and enable businesses to benefit, ECU360 offers instant quotes for cross trade.
With its reach in 180 countries, customers don’t just benefit from a global network but also local support.
Customers can raise their bills locally and enjoy a truly smooth and simplified experience as they get billed one invoice in their local currency.
As businesses tap into diverse geographies, supply chains become more complex, leading to cross trade.