Updates and upgrades to stay digitally ahead

Here today gone tomorrow, appears to be the mantra of new-age technologies that keep making a debut and bidding adieu every few years. But only those entities who have their sights on the long haul succeed in delivering satisfaction to customers on a regular and sustained basis, like ECU Worldwide’s cutting-edge digital logistics platform ECU360 that is making global cargo movements smoother than ever with its latest updates.

ECU360, one of the most convenient platforms that has made shipping an ‘on-demand’ experience and is being increasingly being adopted by ECU Worldwide’s customers and freight forwarders the world over, recently underwent upgrades to enhance its features and user experience, in keeping with the LCL major’s decision to always put its customers first by ensuring delightful customer experiences at both physical and digital touchpoints.

Augmented service features

While already hosting a suite of nifty features such as quotations for cargo movements in 180 countries and door-to-door deliveries in over 50 global markets, the ability to obtain a quote for non-stackable cargo has been added. While appearing to be a small feature, this option can drive significant efficiencies by giving customers the option to choose whether the cargo can be stacked. This not only gives the customer greater control over the way their shipment is moved, but also helps the on-ground team take appropriate care while moving and transporting the shipments, ultimately ensuring peace of mind for the end user.

Moreover, sharing the booking and quotes has now become easier than ever, similar to regular B2C tech offerings like Uber or Zomato. This gives freight forwarders the ability to easily share the booking details and quotes of their global cargo movements with their end customers, thereby simplifying the process even further.

Enhanced user experience

In addition to more comprehensive service features, AI has been used to deploy optical character recognition (OCR) to automate the addition of shipping instructions for greater accuracy and to save time.

The redesigned sailing schedule page has also improved the interface to give the customer more options to view it and take additional actions.

These along with other enhancements such as account logic traffic with mapping/unmapping of contract and traffic; and the creation of more screen space, are intuitive changes designed keeping the comfort of the user at the core of all the upgrades and also keeping up with current UI/UX trends.

Along with the augmented service features and enhanced user experience there have been plenty of system improvements, based on user feedback resulting in improved speed and data accuracy, which are continually being implemented by the passionate tech team.


With all these various upgrades, ECU360 is a testament to ECU Worldwide’s continuous endeavour to enhance, upgrade and deliver excellence.

Quick Bytes

Technology upgrades ensure that a tech platform continues to be relevant and provides value to customers.
These consistent improvements are a reflection of ECU Worldwide’s focus on delivering excellence to customers.
ECU360, the state-of-the-art digital logistics platform of LCL giant, ECU Worldwide, recently underwent its latest digital upgrades to provide an enhanced customer experience.
More comprehensive features such as the option to obtain quotes for non-stackable cargo and the ability to easily share quotes and bookings have been added to the platform.
The user interface has also been upgraded using AI to automate shipping instructions and create a redesigned sailing schedule page, among other upgrades that enhance the experience.