Avvashya CCI: Delivering e-commerce excellence and ensuring satisfied customers

The festive period of October-November is traditionally considered to be an auspicious time to buy new things in preparation for the Navratri, Dussehra/Vijaya Dashmi, and Diwali celebrations in India. Consequently, leading e-commerce companies have astutely capitalised on this cultural mind-set to create behavioural change geared towards consumption – so much so that consumers actually time their purchases to coincide with sale times and discounts. Understandably, e-commerce companies require the assistance of contract logistics service providers like Avvashya CCI to fulfil the festive aspirations of one of the largest consumer bases on the planet.

When end-consumers demand next day or even same day deliveries for a wide variety of goods and products, e-commerce companies have got to up their game and be flexible enough to cater to their requirements. And working its magic behind the scenes to make the entire process smooth and seamless are experts like those at Avvashya CCI, the supply chain arm of logistics giant, Allcargo Logistics, who don’t just specialize in supply chains but also have an astute understanding of business.

Flexible and ready – always

Known for its expertise in providing end-to-end solutions, Avvashya CCI’s warehousing services include receiving an order for dispatch of shipment, packaging, invoicing, coordination with couriers, and even reverse logistics. Seasoned at handling the ebbs and flows of e-commerce business, for some of its customers, Avvashya CCI also tackled a last minute shift in dates of the sales with élan.

“Our supply chain services were planned with a date of 7th October, which marked the end of a religious period where no buying or selling happens. But due to decisions influenced by the market, when the sale was suddenly moved up by five days, we immediately swung into action. Being an agile and flexible organisation with experience of e-commerce, capable staff and most importantly good relationships with partners and vendors, we were able to support the largest e-commerce entities in the smoothest manner possible”, says Anoop Chauhan, Chief Operating Officer – Supply Chain, Avvashya CCI.

The same expertise is also extended to perishables as online shopping for groceries is now increasingly the norm. This can be a tricky proposition as the time from placement of order to delivery is usually extremely short. Yet, Avvashya CCI managed this alongside the festive surge in e-commerce to emerge as the leading supply chain partner for groceries for prominent e-commerce giants and also fulfilled the highest number of dispatches for one of the leading edible oil companies.

Bigger volumes, no problem!

This year with the economy picking up on account of COVID-19 vaccinations enabling greater economic activity, Red Seer had pegged the e-commerce sales of 2021 at a whopping USD 9 billion. Post the sales, they noted the that there was a 20% increase in sales as compared to 2020 and interestingly tier II markets comprised almost 61% of all shoppers.

While the end consumer is only concerned with getting their deliveries on time, any breach in service could negatively impact the sales of the e-commerce giants. To avoid this situation, they turned to a reliable and experienced 3PL services provider like Avvashya CCI to handle the fulfilment with clockwork precision.

Indeed, being agile and experienced proved to be a boon for the supply chain specialists as they had to scale up and scale down operations almost immediately, all the while ensuring the highest quality and standards with no breaches and zero compromise on safety and security. The professional and collaborative working relationship with customers worked well for Avvashya CCI as ramping up and ramping down of manpower and infrastructure, when there is an extremely high demand for both, would have otherwise been a rather difficult proposition.

The efforts appear to have paid off, because during the online sales the warehouses handled more than double the units handled in a regular month, and did so with minimal or zero deviations, resulting in happy, satisfied customers.


The ability to respond quickly to market fluctuations, predicting the throughput, dealing with the sudden swell in demand while consistently upholding quality to ensure customers receive the best levels of service is what keeps Avvashya CCI a step ahead.

Quick Bytes

The largest e-commerce sales require intensive warehousing and supply chain planning and execution.
Avvashya CCI, the supply chain wing of Allcargo is adept at fulfilling the e-commerce requirements with ease and efficiency.
This year, in spite of a shift in the dates of the sale, the requirements of leading e-commerce customers were met successfully.
Even with a three-fold hike in units that needed to be handled, Avvashya CCI ensured the best levels of service with minimal or zero deviations.
Being agile and flexible with rich experience in e-commerce, having capable staff and professional and collaborative working relationships with partners and vendors, helped Avvashya CCI handle large volumes efficiently and effectively.