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Boosting business – across the Nordics and the world

When it comes to providing global logistics services, the world is not enough. That’s why in spite of a wide network operating in 180 countries, ECU Worldwide has further strengthened its presence in the Nordic countries with a Joint Venture (JV) with Nordicon, the leading ocean freight consolidator in the Nordic region with near 40% market share in the LCL segment and extensive rail freight capabilities. The ECU Worldwide–Nordicon JV... read more
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Digitally Driven

Updates and upgrades to stay digitally ahead

Here today gone tomorrow, appears to be the mantra of new-age technologies that keep making a debut… read more
In Focus

Avvashya CCI: Delivering e-commerce excellence and ensuring satisfied customers

The festive period of October-November is traditionally considered to be an auspicious time to buy new things… read more