Heralding Logistics 2 with latest updates to ECU360

According to recently published reports, the global market for digital transformation in transportation and logistics that was valued at USD 54.92 billion in 2018 is estimated to touch USD 145.28 billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of around 13%. Leading organizations are likely to allocate nearly 25% of spends towards enhancing their digital play. Against this backdrop, global logistics services providers like ECU Worldwide which is the world leader in LCL consolidation, have already taken significant forward strides. With ECU360, the organization is transforming shipping and logistics for businesses world over.

With digitalization emerging as the order of the day and disrupting the logistics ecosystem, there is a marked shift in both, internal and external operations of various logistics companies. While internally, the use of digital tools and technology is helping streamline operations, optimize processes and reduce the effort of completing mundane, routine tasks, externally, online operations are proving to be beneficial for customers.

In addition to giving customers the freedom to conduct business at their convenience, these online platforms are leading to a phenomenon that could be termed as ‘Uberization’ of logistics – where global shipment transportation is becoming an increasingly on-demand service, with solutions customized to shippers’ or freight forwarders’ specific requirements.

“ECU360, which is the cornerstone of our digital transformation, is becoming increasingly popular among teams and customers across our network of over 180 countries. Main drivers of its success include the ease of collaboration between offices at origin and destination ends, access to updated tariffs and information and elimination in the need for multiple emails and back and forth interactions to get quotes and book global cargo shipments. We have made it possible for customers to ship with a click, and now ECU360 is enhanced with further updates that only make the customer experience better and more seamless”, says Vaishnav Shetty, Executive Director, ECU Worldwide.

Leveraging digitalization to enhance customer satisfaction

With a host of features and secure API integration, ECU360 allows for safe, timely information transfer and exchange to add to the efficiency of global supply chains and help customers book global cargo shipments in just a few clicks.

Offering door-to-door bookings and deliveries in more than 50 markets worldwide, ECU360 goes above and beyond the industry norm of port-to-port rates and offers customers more transparency and better control of their cargo movements.

A suite of logistics capabilities, reloaded with new updates

With a team that is constantly monitoring the platform, looking into customer feedback and constantly working on implementing changes, it is no surprise that ECU360 now has a number of updates designed to make it simpler and quicker to move cargo from one corner of the globe to the other.

  • VOC: Customer Satisfaction Scoring: Adding strength to the voice of customers, this update lets them share specific feedback at different intervals throughout their journey. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to give a rating and also add comments or responses for improvement.
  • More clarity in quotes: With this update, customers now get a clear indication on what charges are included and not included in the quote provided. It’s time to say goodbye to confusion and hidden charges and ship with complete transparency and peace of mind!
  • Enhanced security: In this age of information and technology, data holds the highest value and demands the strongest protection. With new password criteria now enforced, ECU360 offers more secure transactions and adds to it with a 30-minute account lock after five failed login attempts.
  • Improved shipment visibility: Customers can now be assured of full cargo visibility, irrespective of which ECU Worldwide office their cargo has been mapped with. Not only does this enable better cargo tracking and delivery-schedule planning but also offers the reassurance of knowing where the cargo is, every step of the way.
  • Quick revised quote: ECU360 already offered instant quotes and bookings in less than 30 seconds for routine transactions. With this new update, customers no longer have to wait for revised quotes when any additional service is added or removed. The information they need is right there, at their fingertips, in just a few clicks and taps!
  • Bug fixes: The tech experts of the ECU360 team are always on-the-go, continuously ironing out any bugs and improving the stability of the platform.


Having proved its mettle around the world, helping freight forwarders and partners digitalize their operations, ECU360 holds tremendous advantage not just for ECU Worldwide, but for the logistics ecosystem as a whole.

Quick Bytes

ECU360 now has a number of updates designed to make it simpler and quicker to move cargo from one corner of the globe to the other.
Customers can share specific feedback at different intervals throughout their shipment booking journey.
A clear indication of what charges are included and not included in the quote provided help enhance transparency in pricing.
With new password criteria now enforced and a 30-minute lockout after five failed attempts, ECU360 offers more secure transactions.
Complete cargo visibility, quick quotes for additional services and constant efforts to iron out bugs make ECU360 a better, quicker and smarter way to manage global logistics.