Making safety a prerogative, every single time

When it comes to warehousing, the importance of safety can never be undermined. More so, in the context of chemical warehousing and the complexities it brings forth in terms of storage, safe handling and transportation. That is exactly why leading names in the industry turn to a reliable partner like Avvashya CCI, Allcargo’s contract logistics division, a frontrunner when it comes to warehousing solutions adhering to high quality benchmarks and safety standards.

Safety has always been an integral part of Avvashya CCI’s operations right from its conception. The architecture of all its warehouses has been conceptualised prioritising safety and this relentless obsession with safety takes centre stage when it comes to operations too. Here’s exploring the journey of ensuring safety at every stage.

The practice of safety

All the activities at the warehouse are planned around safety norms. A Safety Manager and Quality Manager ensure adherence to the standard operating procedures (SOP) 365 days of the year. These not only take into account the materials that are being stored which often fall under the hazardous category, but most importantly, they are designed to protect human life. Consequently, the facilities are always upgraded and processes are consistently reviewed and updated.

Such exacting SOPs have stood the company in good stead especially during the pandemic when extra precautions had to be taken not just for the safety of the team, but also to ensure there was no disruption in chemical warehousing services since these chemicals form raw materials in the making of pharmaceutical and health and hygiene products, which are necessary to fight the pandemic.

Surpassing customers’ safety standards

An organization like Avvashya CCI, which is one of the country’s leading chemical warehousing services providers, offers end-to-end supply chain solutions to a number of global businesses and customers that demand compliance with multiple international safety standards.

Among the most vital tests of safety is passing the customers’ internal and external safety and quality audits, which are held quarterly, half yearly and annually. These audits entail:

  • Elaborate checks and inspection of every single installation at the warehouse
  • A test of every professional working at the warehouse – and their knowledge and readiness to face any incident at any given point of time
  • The working of all the safety gadgets and equipment in the premises

Normally, the evaluation discussion during a customer audit takes anywhere between one to three days, wherein apart from the above, each and every document and manual maintained at the warehouse is checked and audited. Only once this stringent audit is passed does the warehouse get certified with the seal of safety, thus enabling further operations to take place.

Being recognised and rewarded for excellence

“We are extremely particular about all statutory compliances and company mandated procedures. We take this very seriously and consequently, we have always passed these rigorous tests with flying colours,” says Mr. V. Raju, Sr. Vice President, Chemical, Food and Pharma vertical (3 PL Contract Logistics), Avvashya CCI.

Some of the biggest names in chemicals in India have evaluated and deemed Avvashya CCI’s facilities, processes, and staff as among the most competent in the industry. This translates into huge gains for customers, as it enhances their reputation of being a safety compliant and responsible organization. They are also confident of averting losses owing to the thorough attention to detail and safety by the expert professionals, always at their service.

It is no wonder then, that Avvashya CCI has recently won the award for ‘Best Warehouse – Chemical and Liquids’ at pan-India level at the CII SCALE (Supply Chain And Logistics Excellence) Awards 2021 and also got awarded for ‘Warehouse Excellence in Safety’ at the Quantic 2nd Annual Warehouse and Logistics Excellence Awards 2021.


With such a premium on safety, market leaders in chemicals continue to trust Avvashya CCI for their contract logistics and chemical warehousing requirements. Of course, having the added advantage of end-to-end logistics support of NVOCC, CFS-ICDs, express distribution, domestic and international air freight, and first and last mile delivery, provided by Allcargo Logistics and Gati-KWE which is now ‘An Allcargo Company’, further enhances the efficiency of their business supply chains.

Quick Bytes

Allcargo Logistics’ contract logistics division, Avvashya CCI follows stringent safety measures, especially in its chemical warehousing facilities.
Safety is part of the design architecture and is at the core of its operations. All statutory compliances and checks are met.
The toughest test is from its chemical customers who audit the premises, infrastructure, processes, procedures, people and policies and paperwork.
With an unflinching attention to safety, Avvashya CCI has always surpassed the audits of various chemical companies with flying colours.
Some of the biggest names in the sphere of chemicals have given their seal of approval for Avvashya CCI’s safety standards.