Heralding an era of growth with new infrastructure

Growth takes many forms in the logistics industry. Investments in people, digital technology and infrastructure are all growth indicators. One of India’s premier express distribution companies, Gati-KWE, has been building its capacity in all three areas. Adding a new feather to its hat, is the newly launched, world-class, Surface Transhipment Centre (STC) in Farrukh Nagar, Haryana.

The state-of-the-art STC, heralds an era of growth and expansion for one of the market leaders in express distribution, Gati-KWE. Having dominated Indian roads, right into the hinterlands of India, for close to three decades, the addition of this STC to its arsenal of assets will enable Gati-KWE to augment its service offerings to customers.

World-class infrastructure

The 1.5 lakh sq. ft. STC has been designed to process cargo loads of almost 100 trucks per hour. The sheer scale of the facility enables Gati-KWE to significantly enhance the speed with which customers are served.

What sets this STC apart from others in the country and makes it on par with international facilities is the integration of technology. The STC is tech-enabled and driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The round-the-clock vehicle tracking system offers real-time updates and forecasting to facilitate quick, informed decisions for unloading and sorting of cargo.

The automated and paperless process considerably reduces the dwell time including the time taken for loading, unloading, and moving cargo to the final destinations.

Keeping safety in mind, a well-equipped centrally located fire station is also available and multispecialty hospitals are close by.


Another added advantage is the location. The facility is housed in Allcargo’s logistics park, which is in one of the most well-developed logistics clusters of the country. Strategically located on the state highway, it connects to four important cities which lie within a 100 km radius: Gurugram, New Delhi, Noida and Faridabad.

Moreover, in its immediate vicinity are over 300 large and medium scale industries. It’s also well connected to railway stations, bus stops, and the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. It’s not difficult to see how this STC can help ease the logistics requirement of this industrial zone and the four neighboring cities, thereby becoming a true logistics asset for this location.

The Gati Edge

In addition to being a logistics marvel, this STC has a remarkable feature characteristic to Gati-KWE – the Gati Niwas. It offers a place of rest for the Gati Associates who are tasked with the responsibility of delivering goods to customers. Gati Niwas helps maintain high standards of safety and hygiene for its resident team members, adding to their convenience, and consequently enabling better service and quality standards.

Of course, customers also stand to gain from Gat-KWE’s customer-centric approach, focus on digitalization and ingenuity – which are its hallmarks.

“This STC will truly take Gati into the future and is just the first step in regaining Gati’s past glory. Gati is an iconic brand with a rich legacy. This is the first of many such facilities that will come up across different locations in India. With its fabled nationwide reach, digital fortification and now brilliant infrastructure, Gati is on its path to becoming the best express logistics company in India,” says Phil Sarkari, CEO of Gati.


This tech-enabled facility built as per international engineering and sustainability standards, and its strategic location, will surely make it a game-changer as far as logistics facilities in India are concerned. With such a crystal-clear focus on growth, a digital-first approach, and customer centricity at its core – Gati-KWE’s roadmap to glory has been chalked out!

Quick Bytes

Gati-KWE recently launched a world class, Surface Transhipment Centre (STC) in Farrukh Nagar, Haryana.
The 1.5 lakh sq. ft. STC has been designed to process cargo loads of almost 100 trucks per hour, enabling Gati-KWE to augment the speed with which customers are served.
The tech-enabled and AI-enabled STC has a round-the-clock vehicle tracking system which provides real-time updates and forecasting to facilitate informed decisions.
The STC is strategically located on a state highway and is close to Gurugram, New Delhi, Noida and Faridabad.
The boarding facility, Gati Niwas, offers a place for the delivery partners to rest and freshen up between journeys and is a remarkable feature characteristic to Gati-KWE.