An ingenious solution to ride the e-commerce growth wave

As stories of port congestion on the East & West coast of the USA flood the internet, it would truly be a dream come true for retailers to be able to ship their goods from around the world into the country, at a fraction of the cost and time. That is exactly what ECU Worldwide, the global leader in LCL consolidation offers through its cutting-edge digital tool, ECU360.

In a move specially designed for markets in the USA, where the current wait time is anywhere between 35 to 45 days to get their goods shipped from overseas manufacturing hubs, this new service is poised to be a game changer for e-commerce retailers looking to get their goods into the country and offer their customers faster deliveries.

The port congestion has only increased the demand for an alternate solution. And ECU Worldwide, through its state-of-the-art digital logistics platform ECU360, has stepped up to the challenge with its ingenious, new solution, Factory to Consumer.

Factory to Consumer – An innovative solution

The smart Factory to Consumer solution enables the fulfillment to get combined with the ocean freight model in a manner wherein the overall logistics cost in the supply chain gets reduced by 45%. The reduction in inventory at risk, reduced to a near nil import duty and ocean freight helps in optimizing the supply chain and also brings in goods from the Far East Asia into USA in a record 14 days.

Perks of Factory to Consumer

Two huge benefits arise out of this service: savings on cost and time. Normally one associates e-commerce with air freight, but its high cost ultimately gets pushed on to the end consumer – which could even be detrimental to customer loyalty. By minimizing one layer in the supply chain in the USA and using a reliable ocean freight service, the Factory to Consumer service results in big savings for the customers.

The other significant benefit is the time saved. The unusually long wait time of over a month on an average, coupled with port congestion, is causing anxiety among business owners eager to offer their customers an excellent turnaround time (TAT). ECU Worldwide’s super-fast offering, XLERATE, which is a combined sea-air express service, and the fact that the goods come completely ready for delivery from the manufacturing unit itself, has the potential to significantly cut short the time taken. Businesses can now leverage this service to get an edge over competitors.

The Factory to Consumer service is proving to be a clever and effective solution, where the company’s expansive capabilities and a commitment to put customers first comes into play. The maverick XLERATE launched last year to shorten the wait period for ocean freight, is being used to offer an incredible solution to customers through ECU360.

Ace players in e-commerce and freight forwarding in the USA are already using this service to offer their customers the benefit of swift deliveries – after all those who are serious about business, know that time is money.


With great savings in time and cost, offered through a state-of-the-art technology platform, backed by the reliability of the world’s leader in LCL, ECU Worldwide, it’s no wonder that this service is poised to be outlier in the world of American e-commerce logistics.

Quick Bytes

The new Factory to Consumer option on ECU360 has been specially designed for the US market, to give customers the benefit of the reformed customs laws.
With port congestion, the wait time is almost 35-45 days for goods to enter the country. Factory to Consumer significantly reduces the time taken for delivery through its innovative XLERATE service and by outsourcing the complete fulfillment model.
The goods can directly be shipped from the manufacturing country to USA – a service that is poised to be a game changer.
This offers a 65% reduction in delivery cost – a huge margin for e-commerce businesses to capitalize on.
Leading e-commerce and logistics companies are already queuing up to use the Factory to Consumer service.