Safety in operation – chemical warehousing

Safety is of prime importance in a warehouse. And when we talk of chemical warehousing, it matters a whole lot more. It takes an expert to ensure relentless safety in operations and Avvashya CCI, the contract logistics division of Allcargo Logistics and the market leader in the sphere of chemical warehousing, shows the way.

A number of factors contribute to operational safety at the warehouse. What sets leading chemical warehousing players like Avvashya CCI apart is the way they strike the perfect balance and specialize in storing hazardous goods along with non-hazardous chemical cargo. This is not an easy feat. It requires vigilance and caution and knowledge of the various properties of chemicals, their reactions and the conditions under which they need to be stored.

Protocols that put people first

People’s safety is of prime importance at Avvashya CCI’s chemical warehouses. It is essential that all staff members don appropriate PPE like helmets, safety goggles, safety shoes, face shields, body overalls/aprons as a mandate across all warehousing locations. Hand and eye washers are always kept easily available.

Keeping in mind that chemicals are reactive and combustible, warehouses across India are not only equipped with modern foam and water firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and water hydrants in all locations of the warehouses and on the roof top; multi-level in rack sprinklers; safety alarms; beam detectors; underground contamination water pits; storage tanks; among others, but are also serviced regularly to be ready to tackle any mishap. Good housekeeping plays a crucial role in preventing potential accidents. Also operations of loading and unloading involving manual handling and machine handling, are carried out with extreme caution to avoid accidents.

Clear procedures and guidelines:

To ensure a seamless safety experience across warehouses in India, organizational procedures/work instructions for warehouse activities are documented, implemented and reviewed periodically. These cover all the activities pertaining to the functioning of the warehouse, such as selection of warehouse; evaluation of warehouse for renewing contracts; receiving; storing; dispatch; market returns and damaged and non-usable products, unloading and loading, maintenance and inspection and other auxiliary activities.

A well implemented set of guidelines ensures Avvashya CCI’s chemical warehouses and customers’ chemical cargo shipments are always safe:

  • Key responsibilities of service providers or owners of the chemicals, employer and employees are clearly demarcated
  • Legal framework is in place to ensure compliance while storing chemicals
  • Hazard identification and communication by maintenance of chemical safety data sheets; classification and labelling, and a chemical register check for compatibility while storing
  • The design of the warehouse, location of warehouse or sites, the integrity of the structure and control of possible reactions are all clearly documented for use in case of an emergency
  • Error proofing to highlight loopholes in the system and taking corrective actions for safe storage
  • Mandatory requirements like emergency exits, fire door, alarm systems, manning all 24 hours in such chemical warehouses, handling cargo lifting equipment to be checked and driven very safely in warehouses are adhered to at all times
  • Warehouse management that includes day-to-day management of warehousing and safe procedures for normal work as well as for abnormal conditions need to be prepared
  • Having a robust emergency response plan as per general principles of emergency procedures
  • Training warehouse staff as a continuous process of excellence in safe and secure ways of handling chemical cargo, work on improvement of safety processes and training of all personnel about the DO’s and DON’Ts of chemical storage and handling


The available chemical guidelines always propose a safer way to ensure safe storage and warehousing of chemicals whether already existing or in a planning stage. Proper storage of chemicals can contribute to the safety and health of employees and also the environment. However, what really truly differentiates a superlative chemical warehousing services provider like Avvashya CCI from a good one is the will to implement these guidelines, protect lives and the environment and offer expert end-to-end solutions that deliver peace of mind for customers.

About the author:

V.Raju is a logistics and supply chain veteran who is currently the Senior Vice President – CL -Chemical, Pharma & Food Sector, at AvvashyaCCI. He regularly addresses students, participates in panel discussions and shares in-depth perspectives in numerous publications and trade magazines.