The Genius of Genie – Gati-KWE’s new WhatsApp Chatbot

We carry the world in our pockets – literally. The mobile phone now does the job of a camera, alarm clock, music player, calendar, newspaper, magazine and so much more. It also makes phone calls. Almost every business, be it stock broking, news, restaurant delivery services and educational institutions have adapted themselves to fit into approximately 6 inches of technology, offering ease at the fingertips of the customer. Logistics as a sector is also looking to ride the digital wave. And leading players like Gati-KWE are emerging among frontrunners of the digital transformation with a plethora of online tools and technologies – example, ‘Genie’, a WhatsApp chatbot (7400012000) offering instant assistance.

Digital technology is transforming the logistics industry. We are now more than ever in a phygital world, which necessitates the integration of new-age digital tools and technologies, such as AI and machine learning to make our work smoother and enhance efficiencies.

Changing customer expectations

Interestingly, the digital transformation is largely being driven by the customers. Customer expectations are changing and the tech-savvy customer of today is increasingly demanding ease and convenience. They now want things on-demand and instantly. Moreover, as the e-commerce boom paves the way for same-day and next-day deliveries, it goes without say that customer support and assistance too, has to follow suit. Something that can only be delivered by integrating digital technology with a friendly user interface.

That’s why, Gati-KWE opted to have its chatbot on WhatsApp – an easy-to-use messaging application that is almost universally used by individuals who use smartphones.

“There is a marked difference between the customer of today and say from a decade back. Due to the wide internet penetration, customers across diverse socio-economic demographics are getting comfortable with going digital. They are demanding services and assistance on-the-go. And in keeping with our value of customer centricity, we have designed Genie for the new-age customer,” says Kaushal Shetty, National Head of Key Accounts, Cross Border E-commerce and Digital Sales, Gati-KWE.

Need something? Just ask Genie!

Genie (7400012000), Gati-KWE’s WhatsApp chatbot has a variety of features which enhance the ease of doing business and give customers better control of their cargo movements.

  • PIN code serviceability check: In just a few clicks, customers can now check if a consignment can be picked up or delivered by Gati-KWE for the designated PIN Codes that they want to avail the services for. For instance, if a customer wants to ship a consignment from Hyderabad (PIN code: 500084) to Bangalore (PIN code: 560100), the customer can just send a WhatsApp text to Genie and ask if these PIN Codes are serviced. Additionally, the customer can also receive a list of all the alternative centres, its contact details and locations where Gati-KWE’s services are available. It essentially makes the process much smoother for the customer.
  • Rate & Transit Time Calculator: Due to urgency and the importance of getting the right cost estimates and transit times to plan cargo movements ahead of time, Genie also offers the Rate & Transit Time Calculator. This helps customers to know the tentative cost of shipping their consignments from one location to another. Additionally, Genie can also find the best mode of transport, whether it is by air or road, depending on the nature of the product that requires to be moved. Equipped with this knowledge, customers can take better, quicker decisions.
  • Track and Trace: This feature gives customers complete visibility of their cargo shipments. In just a few clicks, Genie offers instant updates on what stage of delivery or which location the cargo is at.
  • Pick-up Registration: Customers can register for a pick-up when they want to ship their consignment. On submission of the pick-up request, they receive a pick-up reference number, allowing them to track their shipment throughout its journey. So customers experience convenience at their doorstep, delivered across more than 19,800 PIN Codes in 735 of India’s 739 districts.
  • Complaint Registration: With this feature, any concerns of the customer can be resolved quickly and efficiently. By sending a text to Genie on WhatsApp, customers are offered expedient solutions for their cargo shipment problems.

The Genie chatbot feature is at the heart of Gati-KWE’s customer centric approach and its values of innovation and execution. It reflects the organisation’s commitment to excellence.


Technology-backed solutions is the way ahead for the logistics world to provide customer delight and propel growth for the company, the businesses they serve and the economy as a whole. And Gati-KWE’s Genie has been designed keeping just that in mind.

Quick Bytes

Tech-integrated solutions are the way forward in the world of logistics.
Customer expectations are changing – they expect ease delivered at their fingertips on an on-demand basis.
Gati-KWE’s Genie chatbot offers PIN code serviceability check, where customers can check if the designated PIN Codes are serviced by GATI-KWE.
Genie’s Rate & Transit Time Calculator helps customers easily know the cost of shipping between locations.
Genie also offers features such as Track and Trace, Pick-up Registration, Complaint Registration, etc. to provide swift solutions to customers.