Going door-to-door across the globe – with ECU360!

Who doesn’t want enhanced flexibility in their business? The ease of doing business metric is now increasingly becoming the gold standard to assess an economy’s growth. And playing a significant part in making businesses easier to run, the logistics sector bears the responsibility of constantly and consistently evolving to offer enhanced ease in supply chain solutions. Cognizant of this crucial role, global LCL consolidation leader ECU Worldwide now offers door-to-door deliveries in over 50 countries and is digitalizing the logistics ecosystem with its state-of-the-art online platform, ECU360.

Globalization has opened up a world of opportunities, but it’s just that now the opportunity may be half way around the globe, or could even be spread out across various countries. The average business of today is now part of a global supply chain, with vendors and suppliers often located in different countries. Bolstering various entities of the logistics ecosystem to efficiently conduct business on a single platform is the need of the hour, and ECU360 does just that. Additionally, with door-to-door deliveries it makes global cargo shipments more seamless and convenient.

Striking the right balance between technology and customer centricity

With customer expectations being defined by the ease of e-commerce, online ticket booking, entertainment and numerous other apps, it is important that cargo transportation is also available on-demand. Meeting this need is ECU360, that offers instant quotes and quick bookings so customers can conduct business 24×7, at their convenience.

Not only is ECU360 easy to navigate with a modern UI and UX but also offers small and mid-sized businesses access to a global network, tariffs and shipping schedules along with door-to-door deliveries in over 50 countries. So a business could be situated in Durban in South Africa, and could still book cargo shipments from Switzerland to Argentina, where it may not even have an office!

“Our research tells us that 71% of online customers looking us up for global cargo shipments are including door services for pick-up and/or delivery. And we are geared to keep our customers at the centre of everything we do. Acting swiftly on that insight, we have effectively leveraged our digital platform ECU360 to subvert the existing system of port-to-port rates and offer door-to-door rates and deliveries in line with our customers’ needs. It is this futuristic approach that strengthens their confidence and trust in our services”, says Dr. Philip Blumenthal, Chief Transformation Officer, ECU Worldwide.

Customers therefore, have a double advantage. They can independently complete their bookings online in just a few clicks, plus they can opt for door-to-door delivery services – thereby reducing the need to spend time and effort in coordinating with multiple vendors.

Exploring the unmatched benefits of door-to-door services

  • Efficient convenience: Customers and freight forwarders looking to ship cargo across the world now no longer need to send multiple emails and reminders back and forth to get quotes and tariffs for different locations. They can save up to 20 minutes per quote request and comparison. With ECU360, tariffs for door-to-door deliveries are available in just a few clicks. Many freight forwarders also prefer door-to-door deliveries for the convenience and enhanced efficiency owing to the single-window nature of the shipment solutions offered. Customers can focus on their business and leave the experts at ECU Worldwide to handle transportation right from the origin to the port, and the destination port to the actual site.
  • Global and digital: ECU360’s door-to-door services truly transcend geographical boundaries and time zones as customers and freight forwarders across the global network operating in over 180 countries can transact whenever they want and book door-to-door cargo deliveries in more than 50 countries. All it takes is a few clicks!
  • Level the playing field: Possibly the greatest beneficiaries of ECU Worldwide’s door-to-door services are the mid and small-sized companies, who earlier couldn’t compete with the big conglomerates to offer freight services to their clients in countries where they didn’t have an office. Using the door-to-door services while booking through ECU360, they can compete globally and also unlock the benefits of digitalization to enhance and optimize their own business processes and operations.
  • Transparency and visibility: While booking door-to-door shipments via ECU360, customers are assured of transparency in terms of pricing and tariffs, so they can plan and take informed decisions accordingly. Additionally, when the shipments are in transit, customers can opt for regular updates at each stage using the ‘Keep me informed’ feature.


The digital transformation in this new normal is driving the demand for ease of doing business on a global scale. ECU Worldwide’s door-to-door services powered by its ECU360 platform, significantly reduce the time and effort taken to conduct business, as customers now have a digitally-enabled, single-window solution that can be customized to their needs.

Quick Bytes

Businesses are increasingly demanding a more efficient and seamless logistics supply chain.
Digital solutions such as ECU360 help deliver convenience and efficiency for customers.
ECU360 offers door-to-door services in more than 50 countries, creating a significant advantage for customers and freight forwarders across ECU Worldwide’s global network operating in over 180 countries.
Door-to-door enables small and mid-sized businesses to provide end-to-end support even in locations where they may not have an office or presence.
ECU Worldwide’s door-to-door services offer customers the benefits of convenience, efficiency, digitalization, transparency and better control of their global cargo movements.