Providing seamless solutions for cargo movement

Customers have a choice when it comes to using ocean freight to transport their cargo. Typically, they can use an end-to-end freight forwarding service or engage that of a NVOCC. Understanding which option to take, particularly at a time of crisis, as companies weigh transportation options, can help them run profitable and seamless operations.

In recent weeks, companies are already looking strategically at ocean freight as a feasible cargo transportation option. This has twin advantages—more capacity, and therefore, is more cost effective. More so when the current crisis has led to airlines rescheduling or cancelling flights, thus reducing the air freight capacity.

An NVOCC’s engagement begins at the container-stage and includes the handling of all related documentation independently and exclusively for the customer. This means more focussed responsibility from the NVOCC service provider, and for the end-customer, peace of mind and reliability.

Allcargo Logistics’ experienced NVOCC team in India has a network of 28 offices across the country and more than 450 seasoned professionals who are experts in a host of packaging, documentation and most other cargo transportation formalities. With India’s economy on the rise and such strong capabilities in place, it is an ideal partner for international trade and transhipment cargo.

Why NVOCC makes sense

The types of cargo that are shipped have varied dimensions, levels of fragility and shelf-life. Opting to ship via NVOCC requires expert advice to know what to ship, what quantities, and at what rates. When a customer opts for an NVOCC, handling these influencing factors can be daunting. One key determinant for a mid-sized company to choose NVOCC is volumes because of NVOCC’s in-built flexibility options.

The flexible options are afforded by the fact that NVOCC works on the concept of booking or leasing container space. Companies can then determine delivery schedules over the short-to-medium and long terms and lock in cost-effective rates. Taking on the services of an NVOCC enables a company to handle cargo shipments and even take advantages of the best rates available.

While ocean freight offers more capacity, customers may face issues such as a spike during seasonal demand or unpredictability at peak times. During such times, a capable NVOCC partner can help customers with volume-based cargo adjustments and not be locked into big shipper contacts at uncompetitive rates.

Optimal solutions

Making the right decision on buying container space isn’t easy unless one understands the dynamics of this form of transhipment. As NVOCCs understand the container space business, they offer companies the opportunity to de-risk unpredictability in cargo space and rates.

With NVOCC, it is possible for a customer to diversify carrier mix, and get the benefits of its adaptability and the exclusive servicing resources of the NVOCC to offer the best options while ensuring a smooth delivery process.

“When opting for ocean freight, customers need expert advice on the right NVOCC services and this is best handled by a partner like Allcargo who has experience, knowledge, relationships with core carriers and a legacy of 25 glorious years in the business. Bolstered by our global network that operates via more than 300 offices in over 160 countries and our Container Freight Station (CFS)-Inland Container Depot (ICD) network that is the widest in India, we are well-equipped to offer effective, seamless cargo transportation and transhipment solutions to and from almost anywhere in the world,” says Hareram TS, Senior Vice President – NVOCC Indian subcontinent, Allcargo Logistics.

Reliable partner

Having a responsive NVOCC partner like Allcargo with a wide reach and network of diverse resources, means that customers can be assured of the right information and support during Force Majeure situations such as breakdowns in communication in which containers are left unattended at ports (and storage charges rise) or if there are labour-related exigencies like a strike, or a health crisis like the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Adding heft to an NVOCC’s capabilities are a network of relationships with diverse carriers, truckers, local trade organizations, etc., that help them forecast uncertainty variables such as unavailability of cargo space and suggest fool-proof ways to handle them competently.

Working with a partner like Allcargo ensures a dedicated, single point of contact, so the customer is now fully aware of the factors that are most likely to impact supply chains, costs, and can get the best solutions. An experienced NVOCC service provider can offer future visibility to enable businesses to navigate volatile transportation scenarios. In addition, with its state-of-the-art online platform, ECU360, Allcargo allows customers to independently conduct business 24×7, offering quick quotations, easy cargo transportation bookings, door-to-door rates, track and trace and much more.


By hiring the services of a proactive NVOCC partner, customers benefit from the expertise of a dedicated, single point of contact to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination, and the end-customer’s expectations are met. With a responsible NVOCC like Allcargo, customers can be rest assured that the businesses face no unforeseen disruptions, and continue uninterrupted, even in challenging times.

Quick Bytes

NVOCCs are the customer’s go-to-experts when strategic advice is needed on when and how to use container space.
NVOCCs are the primary and responsible shippers, and have the capabilities to handle the entire cargo-related formalities.
NVOCCs can use their network of relationships with diverse carriers, trucking services and local trade organizations to enable customers to get the best deal for their cargo shipments.
Allcargo’s experienced NVOCC team in India has a network of 28 offices across the country and more than 450 seasoned professionals who are experts in packaging, documentation and most other cargo transportation formalities.