Warehousing Expertise Helps Avvashya CCI Bag Another Global E-Commerce Leader

In 2016, the Avvashya Group made a full-fledged entry into the contract logistics business through Avvashya CCI (ACCI). Today it is the third-largest contract logistics company in India with expertise in e-commerce logistics, automotive aftermarket logistics, chemical warehousing, customs clearance and freight forwarding. Over the years, the company has mastered the art of setting up warehousing facilities tailored to the specific needs of its clients. By leveraging technology, meticulous planning, and trained manpower, ACCI, an Allcargo company, has time and again redefined the meaning of high-quality service in the industry. It was due to this reason that a global e-commerce leader decided to partner with it and give them the responsibility of setting up a warehousing facility in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The Indian consumers’ fascination with online marketplaces continues to grow, with the industry poised to grow at an annual rate of 51%, the highest in the world. Coupled with increasing internet penetration, the demand for e-retail is expected to skyrocket in the foreseeable future. This estimate has triggered a huge inflow of companies which are looking to capitalise on the opportunities at hand. With the e-commerce market nearing saturation, last-miledelivery has emerged as a key differentiator for companies. Sophisticated warehousing facilities are central to bringing down the last-mile delivery time substantially. Leveraging a mix of technological and mechanical innovations, e-commerce companies are considerably cutting down on the time required for packaging and inventory management, eventually giving their last-mile delivery a significant boost. Using its extensive expertise and capabilities, Avvashya CCI has enabled e-retail giants in setting upworld-class warehouses aligned with their specific needs and vision.

Eastern and North-eastern India – New Frontiers in Indian E-commerce

Western and northern regions in India have often been considered as the largest revenue drawing zones for the e-commerce industry. However, the trend is gradually changing as the emphasis shifts towards the north-eastern and eastern regions. These regions have registered a drastic increase in the demand for

e-retail products in the last couple of years. Currently, north-eastern regions account for roughly 20% of the total e-commerce transactions in India. With demand on the rise, it is essential for e-commerce companies to set up warehousing facilities in and around the region to assure quality service and delivery. West Bengal’s geographic positioning makes it an ideal gateway to north-eastern and eastern India.

Its strong connectivity to northern and western India through roads and airways, coupled with water and aerial routes to the north-eastern areas have resulted in the region becoming a warehousing hub. An increasing number of e-commerce giants are consolidating their position in the state, especially in Kolkata, to capitalise on the growing demand for online shopping. According to reports, investments worth INR 500 to INR 700 crore have already been made in the region.

To expand and strengthen its presence, a global e-commerce leader decided to set up a new warehousing facility in Kolkata and enhance its service in the region.

Avvashya CCI Achieves the Impossible

With the sales season around the corner, it was crucial for one of the world’s largest online e-retailers to have a fully-functional warehousing facility in Kolkata in a month’s time. The challenge was presented to Avvashya CCI and the company was well-equipped to accomplish the seemingly impossible task. Utilising its vast expertise and cutting-edge capabilities, the contract logistics giant set up a fully compliant warehousing facility in Kolkata which became operational on June 15th, 2019. Spread across an area of 86,000 sq. ft., the complete facility is Wi-Fi enabled. It houses goods for distribution in the booming eastern and north-eastern markets. The warehousing facility caters to every aspect of the global e-retailer’s requirements. Everything from skilled manpower to sophisticated machinery for handling the goods has been provided by Avvashya CCI. The facility complies with the company’s global health and safety standards and Avvashya CCI has left no stone unturned in achieving the benchmarks set by the

e-commerce giant. Special moveable trolleys and desks, a feature salient to all the warehouses the company operates out of across the world, ensure enough space within the facility and minimise manual work.

The operations have been carefully set to cater to festive season demands which are about to start. Scaling up is an important aspect as transactions double or sometimes triple during peak seasons. Speed, efficiency and turnaround time demand granular planning, which Avvashya CCI is well adept with.

“We have always believed in offering customised end-to-end warehousing solutions that are agile enough to ensure operational efficiencies and thus maintain profitability, particularly during times of increased demand. The continued success and expansion of our partnerships with multiple leading online retailers is proof of the unmatched quality and years of experience we bring to the table, when it comes to warehousing capabilities that meet global standards,” said Anoop Chauhan, COO, Contract Logistics, Avvashya CCI.

In e-commerce, it is all about speed and agility and only few players can combine these with experience and a track record of managing a marquee list of clients.

Setting Sights on Assisting Customers to Scale their Business

The association with the e-commerce giant has opened up new and lucrative opportunities for the organisation. It is looking at multifold expansion in the eastern region to help its customers to expand their presence and double up their association. The company is already providing after-market services in Guwahati to one of India’s largest auto-maker.

Eastern India is bracing up to meet consumer demands. Companies setting up camps are going to need experienced logistics services providers like Avvashya CCI, an Allcargo company.

Quick Bytes

The eastern and north-eastern regions in India are emerging as lucrative e-commerce markets and are poised to bring in substantial revenue for the industry in the foreseeable future. E-commerce goliaths are consolidating their position in the region to substantially improve their last-mile delivery and capitalise on the steadily growing consumer base.
Owing to its location and strong connectivity, Kolkata has emerged as the gateway to the booming e-commerce markets. Both logistics and e-commerce companies are increasingly investing in the region to extend their services and boost their profitability.
Avvashya CCI has been at the centre of this development and is helping its clients scale their businesses in the region through its holistic warehousing services. One of the world’s biggest e-retailing company became the latest addition to their illustrious roster of clients after the e-commerce giant enlisted the company for setting up a warehousing facility in Kolkata in a month’s time.
Leveraging its world-class capabilities and vast expertise in the field, the company set up an 86,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility fully compliant with the global e-commerce leader’s standards and once again reinforced itself as the leader in the contract logistics industry.