Allcargo’s Integrated Logistics Services Power a Sustainable Future

The current climatic and energy scenario warrants humankind to leverage renewable sources of energy on a global scale. Solar energy presents a lucrative prospect in this respect, given the fact that an hour of sunlight is enough to power the whole world for a year. Allcargo’s extensive integrated logistic capabilities and availability of advanced technology, combined with the solar power potential of a region, is driving the world to a better and cleaner future.

The rapid rise of technology coupled with growing concern about environmental and climatic changes, has significantly bolstered the demand for renewable energy. Among the many forms, solar energy is in great demand due to its easy availability and cost-effectiveness. Countries across the globe continue to invest heavily in the sector to do their bit for the environment and promote sustainability.

Smooth material flow has emerged as a vital aspect of enabling the world to harness solar energy effectively. By streamlining the movement of equipment, companies can significantly cut back on transportation costs and set up solar plants across the planet effortlessly. Integrated logistics has made possible, the manifestation of this smooth material flow into reality. Allcargo Logistics Ltd.’s extensive network and wide-ranging portfolio of services make the company perfect for mobilising heavy equipment without a hitch.

Allcargo: A One-Stop Shop for All Logistics Requirements

Founded in 1993, Allcargo has a proven track record of delivering exceptional logistics services. Its in-depth knowledge of an array of key sectors strengthens the company’s capabilities to help clients gain clarity of the complete process involved. In addition, the organisation invests time and money into understanding the business objectives of its clients. Consequently, a custom model for end-to-end delivery of goods is designed to suit clients’ needs and long-term business objectives.

“Over the years, we have consolidated our position as India’s biggest integrated logistics player with experience and expertise at every critical touchpoint of the logistics supply chain. Today, as global and Indian industry leaders venture into the solar sector, we are already well-equipped to meet their ever-increasing demand for end-to-end inbound and outbound logistics services. The world is progressing towards renewable energy and considering our long-term commitment to sustainability, it makes us perfect partners to power this move with innovation and ingenuity,” quoted Mr. Adarsh Hegde, Joint Managing Director, Allcargo Logistics Ltd.

Backed by a strong domestic and an extended ECU Worldwide network, Allcargo is perfectly placed to provide Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) in the truest essence. Allcargo’s expertise in freighting, bonding/warehousing, customs clearance, transportation, container leasing, and site de-stuffing makes it the go-to company for ILS, especially in case of solar logistics. “Along with years of experience under the belt, we have an expert team specialised in the solar sector that can offer ingenious, unorthodox solutions to meet varied logistical challenges,” said Siddhartha Choudhary, Head – ILS, Allcargo Logistics Ltd. Allcargo’s teams operating out of different Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Container Depots, along with the company’s other resources empower it to carry out 20 to 25 trailer movements and de-stuffing of 15 to 20 containers in a day.

Allcargo’s ILS for Solar: A Story of Triumph and Success

Allcargo has leveraged its abilities to accomplish a myriad of seemingly impossible material mobilisation tasks in recent years. The company’s prowess in offering ILS for the solar industry was on full display when it was tasked with the responsibility of shipping 1100 containers of solar power equipment from China to India in a short span of 60 days for one of its customers. By developing an optimal route and utilising its NVOCC and container handling experience, the company also movedmore than 150 containers from Krishnapatnam in two days, to the site.

In another challenge, Allcargo handled 500+ containers which were imported from Shanghai to Pokhran for one of the major solar companies in the industry. Containers were imported from Shanghai to the Mundra Port, with about 30-40 being moved on a daily basis from the Port to the ICD in Jodhpur by train, custom cleared and then transported to Pokhran. The containers were then emptied and transported back to the ICD in Jodhpur. Be it the difficult terrain, temperatures averaging over 40?, or difficulties while using the forklift in the sand, the team took every challenge in its stride. By keeping documentation ready beforehand, liaisoning with local authorities to ensure availability of trailers, customising JCBs and also providing perks to workers for delivering within tight deadlines, Allcargo proved its mettle as a company that offers optimal logistics solutions without compromising on quality or safety.

“The key highlight of our operations was that Allcargo managed to accomplish the mammoth tasks while helping clients maintain and expand their profitability margins,” elucidated Mr. Choudhary.

Owing to these factors, Allcargo has become the go-to logistics company for solar power-producing giants. Dedicated to providing the best services, Allcargo continues its forward strides in cutting-short delivery times and ensuring effective ILS that are optimal for clients’ business and profit objectives.

In the foreseeable future, the company plans to leverage its comprehensive resources to enable effortless movement of aerospace and defence equipment.

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Mobilisation of material has taken a central role in the development of solar energy channelling power stations around the world. An increasing number of companies are heavily relying on integrated logistics to transport heavy solar power systems across borders.
Allcargo’s comprehensive expertise in freighting, bonding/warehousing, customs clearance, transportation, container leasing, and site de-stuffing coupled with its strong global presence through ECU Worldwide,perfectly places it to help companies mobilise equipment and set up solar power plants in places of strategic importance.
Allcargo has helped some of the biggest names in the solar industry transport tons of equipment in record time keeping their profitability margins in mind, which is a testament to the sophisticated capabilities which give the company a great edge among its competitors.
Advancements in technology coupled with increasing awareness about climate change have bolstered the demand for solar energy around the world. However, non-availability of the equipment in regions around the world has created a huge gap in the demand-supply chain.